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Monday, March 7, 2016

"They will miss this baby very much."

4 years ago, half way across the world this happened.

(Fair warning, this video shows the real grief and loss that is inherent in adoption.)

They got stuck in traffic, and it was late.  Their 3-hour van ride turned into 5+.
She was soaked and hungry, and at one point she looks right into my eyes for the first time, and it all seems to sink in. All the grief and the loss and the unknown seem to obvious in those first tears. Her grief wasn't loud, but it was so very sad, almost tangible and heart breaking for days.

We were told she had 2 bottles a day until that evening, but despite that she never did drink from that bottle, or any bottle ever again. It was days before we saw if she could actually stand up. Mimi and I cried together many o' times in that first week. But in a few days The Man Child found her first smiles, and in 2 weeks she was walking around, albeit wobbly, and discovering her new world with her new family doting on her every move.

Livy just found this grainy dark, awful video buried in a long lost point-n-shoot that we lost and recently found. I had never seen it. My father had arrived only 5 minutes prior to this after 2 days of travel. At one point in the video I heard myself say Here it comes. And it did come for days. As you see, towards the end, someone sets the camera down and just lets it record, capturing my swaying body as I try to ease her fear and the crying that came.

What a treasure to have those first moments with our beautiful Mimi WanWen.

Happy Forever Family Day to our amazing daughter!

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