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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not just my friends

Before I go on I want to say that there are only 2  1 seat left for the 
Composition 101 class that is starting in a few weeks! And when they are gone they 
are gone, and I will not be adding any more seats to keep class size small. 
Please go HERE to get the details and register before it's sold out! 

.      .       .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .

Back in February, I had the one of the best weekends ever! Actually lately I've been very blessed to have several wonderful weekends. It's not really like me to have a getaway. Much less more than 1 of them. But this particular getaway was so special for me for many reasons, but mostly because of the  amazing women that I got to spend it with!
Have you ever met someone online and you had this great www relationship with them? (in a totally non-creeper type of way of course) And you found common interests, talked and supported each other. And you're pretty sure that if she lived next door you'd spend your mornings drinking a cup of coffee and folding laundry together all the while chatting away! But somewhere in the back of your head, you wonder that if you really met this woman in person, if you'd really get along so well? 

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to spend the weekend with 12 of my photography students in San Diego at a photography workshop hosted by the amazing Blue Lily Photography. We've been talking online about photography (and lots of other things too) for several years now. I had already met a couple of these ladies in person. But I hadn't met the majority of them, and I wondered. Are they like I think they are? Will they like me? I know they are my students, but are they my friends? I know they already felt like friends, but wondered if it was going to feel the same way in person. 

And then I spent the weekend with these wonderful ladies! 
Oh my.  
I mean OH MY! 
These ladies were absolutely as wonderful in person as I thought they would be! As you can see we had a lot of fun learning lots about photography and practicing what we love. 
Many of the ladies are moms and but not all.
They are in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and even a amazing and talented teenager.
Some live on the east coast, some on the west coast and many in between.
Some have big families and some have small ones.
The one thing we did have in common before our fun weekend was a love of photography and desire to come together and get to know one another. And now that we've done that we also have friendship in common! And for that I am so grateful!
Melissa, Kathleen, Kristen, Senni, Saina, Tyrie, Rebecca, Christina, Tam, Lisa-Maire, Jennifer and Elaine,  thank you for meeting up with me in San Diego and sharing such a wonderful weekend with me. Thank you for the rum cake and the laughter and all the wrong turns. Thank you for not only  learning with me but being an inspiration to me. Mostly, thank you for your friendship! It is a treasure!


  1. I have actually met a few people from on-line and it has been an amazing experience! In a world that seems so disconnected it is wonderful how through either taking a on-line class or through blogging one can make connections. I am excited because in October Blue Lily is going to take our family portrait. My son will be a senior in the fall and we have never had a portrait done. I have made excuses for one reason or the other (weight), but it is time to get one done. So glad they are coming to Atlanta. I wish I could commit to this class, but I am smart enough to realize that with a newly grieving child home from China, that I better give that all my attention. I am so excited that you are also getting to go back to China. Can't wait to see your photos! I know they will be stunning.

  2. What fun!!!!!!!!

    Where do you recommend online for beginner photogs to chat? I used to be in a photography board at Two Peas but it closed down. I was actually understanding more about light, manual, etc but since the board closed (and we moved), I've not practiced and lost the eye for what I'd learned.

    Also, I have CS4 which is waaaay old now. So starting over with processing. Should I start with LightRoom?


  3. Nancy's angels in action! :) You described my feelings so well with this post. I had thought about meeting everyone face to face, LIVE! And then I was wondering how we would get along. Would we all be on the same wave length? and then when I met Kathleen and Kristen in the Atlanta airport and all my uncertain thoughts flew away. Every single one of the ladies were wonderful. I just thought we could have had a bit more time together. Cannot wait until we meet again!!!! And yes I whole heartedly agree that our friendship is a treasure! <3


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