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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lookie who went and turned 6 years old!

I think she purposefully snuck this birthday up on us. 

Mimi is 6 years old now. 
And just saying the number out loud puts a shiver up my spine. I mean how is that even possible! How did she turn 6? How did she get old enough to start reading and going to school and deciding that knee socks are the best thing ever without any input from me? 
We celebrated as a family bathing her in a day of pink, her very favorite. She blew out candles on her choice of chocolate fudge cupcakes with hot pink frosting and pink sparkles... I mean pink sprinkles.

We are so lucky to be able to have her in our lives! A life that has more smiles, hugs and giggles and a whole LOT more pink in it because of her!

Happy birthday, baby girl! I don't care if you're 6 or 36. You'll always be my baby!

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