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Monday, March 21, 2016

I have a favor to ask...

Every single item on the wishlist has been purchased. 
So I added a few more items, and the agency told me there were a few more things the kiddos could really use (weighted blankets) that they didn't know about the first time. And it ALL was purchased again!!!! I'm moved to tears and so so thankful to have amazing and generous people who read this blog and share with their friends, all for these amazing wonderfully-made children halfway across the world. Thank you, ALL! THANK YOU! 

To be honest, I don't ask for favors very well. Or often. It's just not something I'm comfortable doing. Certainly not on behalf of myself, and embarrassingly it's not easy to do on the behalf of others either. But I gotta change that when it's such a good thing, benefiting those who really could use some assistance and can't ask for themselves. It shouldn't be so hard, so here I go! I'm asking for your help in behalf of Superkids Charity and the amazing wonderfully-made children half way across the world that I'll be visiting very soon! The children in the orphanages in China, the SuperKids!

Would you considering coming along side me and making a donation to the children? Perhaps a Lego set to stimulate their minds as well as their fine motor skills? Or bibs for the younger ones. Or

I have compiled a wish list of items that I would like to bring to the children, some are requests from The Butterfly Home in Changsha and some are items that I've used with orphans in other orphanages. Would you please go HERE and make a donation? (My suit case got full with donations! Yea! So please pick "Michele's" address. You'll see it as one of your choices.) With Amazon it couldn't be easier! All items will be delivered to me, and I'll carry and deliver them.

I can't think of a better cause! Please consider donating to these wonderfully-made children!

Kids like Reid...
 and Harper... look at the personality of this child! 
 and stunningly beautiful Helen...
and sweet Lawrence
(If you'd like more information on any of these waiting children, click on their name above.) 

Each of these children has waited too long for a mama and a baba of their own. I'm hoping that you'll make their wait a little easier with a donation from HERE. Superkids will collect the items that you purchase and take them to the children. Then I'm hoping I'll be able to capture some photos with the children and the toys and items that you donated when I go.

And if you do make a donation, I hope that you'll also PLEASE leave a comment here so I can personally say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I put several items in my cart, but it's showing as shipping to me. Thoughts on fixing?

    1. Andrea, THANK YOU!!!!! I think I got the shipping info fixed. Can you try again?

  2. Sent some bibs and Tylenol on their way to you:). I wish I was going, and can't wait to hear and see about it!!!!

    1. THANK YOU, Lisa-Marie!!! The Tylenol is for The Butterfly Home. Many of those sweet babies are in palliative care, and I KNOW they will be so appreciative to have it.

  3. Sent you some of the items on your wish list. Wish I could do more and bring home all 4 of the kids you have highlighted on your blog. They are so precious. M

    1. Maggie, thank you so so very much for purchasing some items! It really does impact of these children directly. I'm so grateful to have readers that are will to help in this way! ~Nancy

  4. There are no more items on the list. Can I give you money?

    1. Ren, thank you SO much. I am hoping to go back over this time I'm going to keep my eyes open and try to figure out some more things that they could use or want. Could you hold off till next time and donate then?


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