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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shooting in the snow

So did I tell you I went to a photography workshop? 
In the snow? 
I'm a desert rat so don't underestimate how huge this was for me. Snow and cold and all. 
Well, if I didn't tell you before, I'm telling you now that I did. And it was amazing! I try to attend a couple workshops a year, cause meeting folks in person and honing your craft alongside others value as much as you do is an wonderful thing. This particular workshop is more like a reunion, and we met up in Salt Lake City this year under the tutelage of Blue Lily Photography

On a side note, Blue Lily travels world wide, and if you're looking for family photographs, I'd recommend them. So there's a chance that they are coming to a city near you, even if you live in Singapore or Banff. And they are also AMAZING! Like really moist bunt cake with a drizzle of lemon glaze on the top. Wait... I'm getting sidetracked again. 

So just in case you've never been here's what goes on at a photography workshop... 
We do lots of sitting around talking, listening, note taking, camera adjusting. 
We also do our fair share of goofing off and enjoying one another's company. (Thanks goes to Kathleen of for this pic of me and her and our fabulous friend Heather!) 

Did I mention the snow? Ya, there was snow. And not surprisingly Salt Lake City had lots of it, and was getting even more of it as the weekend progressed. Step off a trail and you'd find yourself thigh-high deep. Kathleen and I rescued each other quite a bit.
But all that glorious snow made for beautiful images. Forgive me while I show off the gorgeous people of Salt Lake City.
And this gorgeous little family. There's some serious sweetness going on here! 
And did you see those cute, little, baby teeth poking through? Most often I have no idea if I'm capturing good images or not when I'm shooting. I just shoot, hope for the best, and only when I download them on the computer do I know for sure. But every once in a while I see it through my view finder as I'm taking the pics. And seeing it, always chokes me up, and I get butterflies in my stomach. That happened with the smiles on this frame and those bitty teeth. I saw them through the view finder, and.. I started to cry. I'm not ashamed. I'm just crazy that way. Bitty baby teeth poking through a gorgeous, happy smile with his mama beaming at him, those are the memories that I'm so honored to capture.
And this gorgeous family too. There's something about boys, just so pure and fun and amazing. 
Get out of town with those eyes, gorgeous Eli! You're killing me! He had me at hello. 
I kinda wanted to steal sweet little Otto above and add him to our AZ crazy back home. His mama and papa probably wouldn't have liked me very much after that though. 
And then on our second shoot, the snow started to come down. Like big ol' flakes. 
Nobody blinked. 
Nobody canceled. 
Nobody said Hey maybe we should postpone this to tomorrow or go inside. 
The enthusiastic creation of beautiful images continued anyway, snow or no snow. 
Don't let what our models wearing fool you. Personally I was wearing ski pants, a sweater, beanie, scarf, shooting gloves, long underwear, borrowed snow boots, and a ski jacket. Our sweet (and gorgeous) models were soaked by the time we were done. Which wasn't long by the way, 'cause did I mention it was snowing?! It was snowing. Really snowing hard. So hard they closed the road during our shoot. 
So a you can see it was a weekend filled with amazing. And if it wasn't enough, I am lucky enough that I'm off to another photography workshop this weekend. This time it's with my Ordinary Miracles photography students and in warm SanDiego! We're going from snow to beach in a few clicks of the shutter. And seriously, how lucky is that?

Another ordinary blessing that I get to do what fills my soul. 


  1. wow- these were all just gorgeous-- you did a fabulous job catching emotion, relationships... just all around love these

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I'm seriously going to come live with you for a week some day.

    1. I'm totally good with that! Warning that it's a little crazy though.

    2. IN that case......I will fit right in :)

  3. I love all of these! One of these days it is my dream to come to Arizona and follow you around for an afternoon. There are two photos that are really cool where it looks like a circular blur behind those are posing. All of the photos are incredible.

    1. Thank you so much, Kelleyn! I'd love to have you for an afternoon. All the blur is out of camera. I think I know what you're talking about, but don't know how to do a circular blur.

  4. If you ever end up in Omaha I'd definitely hire you to do our portraits! I'm the most un-photogenic person in the planet so you'd have your work cut out for you ;)

    1. I hardly think that's true. Happiness and love is always photogenic!


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