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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A movie review, kinda

written by Papa...

In our home I have the pleasure of being the parent that takes the kids to the movies. This is a good thing for all because my lovely bride has no interest in most movies that are directed to a preteen audience, and the little ones want to see every single movie that is released. That brings me to Kung Fu Panda 3. As most of you know the aforementioned lovely bride and myself have been blessed with three adopted children. I hesitated in taking my three little one to see this movie because it has the potential for raising questions that I would really like to save for a conversation a little later in their lives. Here is a quick synopsis of the movie.

Po (a panda) meets his biological father after over 20 years, Po was adopted as a baby and was raised by his dad, a goose. Po's dad, the goose, struggles with this new relationship between Po and his newly acquainted biological father, another panda of course. The goose has a fear of be replaced, or maybe displaced is a better word for it. If you are a “Goose” or a “Panda” these types of fears and questions can very easily exist. I was adopted, and what is incomprehensible to me is God knew who my mother and father (the geese) were before I even took my first breath.

Psalm 139:16
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

Growing up my mom would say if you ever want to try and find your biological mother I will help you, but it needs to be your decision. I could see the mere thought of this pained her, but she was always willing to put me first and set her emotions and anxiety aside. I can't imagine that was easy. Especially now that I have my own little "pandas" and know I'll have to say these same words to them. 

Fast forward to the birth of my first, Sunny, I remember holding this precious little one early in the morning, her soft cry, that new baby smell, (the good one) and that soft fine hair. My thoughts raced in that moment to my biological mother and her ultimate act of love in the form of sacrifice. As I held my own new daughter, I thought to myself what if's. What if all I ever had was this moment, this one kiss, just this one moment to stroke her cheek. What if my relationship with my child ended here and now. Would I wonder the rest of my days what her life would be like? And at that moment I set my mind on trying to find my biological mother, not out of sense of longing or a sense of loss but, out of a desire to not let another day of wonder go by in my birth mother’s life.

I did eventually did meet my birth mother, we talked for hours over dinner. That is really the beginning and end of that chapter in my life. I thank my mom for being willing to help me if I asked, but, ultimately that was a journey I took on my own, for my own reasons. If you are a goose and God has blessed you with a panda or two or ten (you know who you are) be willing, be available and remember God reigns over everything, everywhere, always. As parents, we are naturally bent to try and control everything, and loss of control often scares us. Sometimes scares us so much that we're not willing to try something new and something out of the box. And in the end, we're not in charge of our destiny, or our children's destiny anyway. And that's where the faith part comes in. Adoption is like that. It takes a lot of faith. 

Oh ya, and the movie is okay too. The kids will like it, and chances are it won't put you to sleep.

The Goose (& the Panda)
In honor of TBT I thought we travel back to a time when baby wearing was pretty unheard of in this country,
but mom jeans and long jean shorts were all the rage.  


  1. Enjoyed this funny yet serious post~~maybe Papa would write more posts?

  2. I'm not crying.. Allergies.. Yeah, that's it.. Allergies.. *sniff*


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