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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fall in the Winter (Video!)

I got to thinking... Liv, who is 19 now, has been watching me blog for a long while now, almost 10 years to be specific. Since she was 9 years old! That's a lot of blog posts for a little girl to see as she grows up. For me blogging has been a way to express myself among other things.

Well I think my big girl has discovered her own way to express herself.

As you can see, winter in the AZ desert is a strange combination of fall leaves, spring grass, and not much winter at all. It's such an amazing place and it's this time of year when everyone here finds themselves so grateful that they live in this desert that has weather that pretty close to perfection 8-9 months of the year.

Jude would like to tell you that that is not his pink bike that he is rinding. His bike has a flat tire so he was riding his sister's bike.

Livy would like me to tell you that this is the first time that Jude has ridden a bike since his surgery. Go Super Jude!

I would like to tell you that The Man Child is required to wear a shirt and that it is an extremely rare that we find him without one... but that would be a lie. That's just what I like to tell you.

Livy has been doing a lot of this video making lately, and more times that I prefer I'm finding myself at my wrong end of the lens! Oh well. It's fair play after all. I adore her finished product.

Art comes in many forms, but it seems our inspiration comes from a similar place! Family!

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