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Monday, January 11, 2016

Dog Sledding

When you have teenagers you often find it necessary to fly by the seat of your pants.

These 2 were up to something.
And that something was dog sledding.

Except as they later found out the dog didn't necessarily want to go sledding.

This is Hawkeye.
He's one of our 2 family dogs in the crazy house. He's kinda more like Liv's dog, but he's a family dog too. And he's crazy so he fits right in with the rest of us. I often call him The Teenager cause that's just what I needed, another teenager under our roof, but in dog form. When each of the littles were bitty they couldn't pronounce his name so they called him Hot Guy, which is kinda insanely adorable so we just let them call him that. But they've gotten older, and now they just call him by his real name, Hawkeye. And that makes me sad. So sometimes I call him Hot Guy or The Teenager or Hawkeye, and then folks get all confused about what his name is. But I'm crazy like that, always trying to keep random strangers on their toes about what our dog's name is, so whatever.

Liv and Boo decided that The Dog With Many Names wanted to go sledding. He likes the snow, and in not so many words had shown an interest going sledding. At least that's what the bigs told me.
But when it actually came time to get on the sled and go down the hill, Hawkeye didn't really care for sledding anymore.
Abort! Abort! Abort!
Ya, despite what the dog supposedly told them, it didn't quite work out the way they planned. 
Evidently Hawkeye is more of a run around in the snow like a crazy hot guy after all!


  1. Love the action photos! Thoroughly enjoy your posts- a gifted writer with a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for sharing.

  2. rofl, the look on the dog's face is hilarious!! Poor goggie!! :D


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