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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Starting the season with a thud

The singlet is back! 
And with it comes this...
And this...
And lots of this...
And very shortly after all that happened, this happened...
The Man Child stayed like that, face down, not moving at all for several minutes. Papa rushed down from the stands to the mat to check on him. I did not. I am a linear rule follower and did as all parents are instructed, I fought everything within me and did not rush down there to check on him, but rather let the trainer access him and waited for a report... a report that seems to take For. Ever. but really only took about 10 minutes. Yes. I took pictures as it was happening. It helps me stay calm. It is my safe place. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. 

See that blank stare...
That's because he has little clue about where he is and probably even who he is at that moment. 
And he kept that deer-in-the-head-lights look for a while. 

Yes, after being essentially dropped on his head and blacking out, I am now the mom of my first concussion child. It appears, so far, that the concussion isn't a bad one, but wrestling is now on hold, as are his finals. Needless to say, one of those things was harder for The Man Child to give up than the other! I am crazy happy about how the school is handling things. I am not so crazy happy that my son was concussed in the first place, and I'm in learning mode about what it all means. 

Like the other medical journeys we are currently on, we feel crazy lucky that we live in a place and a time and have the resources to fix this. We are the lucky ones. Although The Man Child may beg to differ with you on that lucky thing! 


  1. We have a young girl in our church congregation (14) who was one of the flag girls in the marching band, anyway the flag hit her on the top of her head and she got a concusion. She has been out of school all semester as she has some mild memory loss and headheaches. I guess there are specific rules the schools are suppose to follow in these cases. Sorry he got a concusion. I am sure it wasn't how you were expecting to go into the holiday season on top of the physical thereapy for Jude and all his leg travels. Hope you are able to find a few days of peace and quiet next week.

    1. Something similar happened to my niece last year (she was a flier for cheerleading and got dropped. OUCH! And her recovery was almost a year. They finally gave up school and homeschooled her for the remainder of the school year. Thus my fear. Thankfully this is looking much better for The Man Child.


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