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Monday, December 7, 2015

Just call me IceCream

I don't have the faintest idea how or even why they came up with the idea, but the littles have given all of us in the family new nicknames.  Food nicknames to be precise. Maybe they're hungry. Maybe they're just crazy like the rest of us. Whatever the reason, we've been unceremoniously renamed.

Papa is now being called Meatball.
I'm Ice Cream 'cause, duh! Ice cream is the best thing on this entire planet.
Sunny got some choice in the matter and is now named French Fry.
Liv is Crudité, French pronunciation please. 
The Man Child is perfectly named Meat. He is a carnitarian after all.
Boo has been donned Gummy Bear after his favorite crap food.
Jude was Noodle, but after much protest he renamed himself Mango.
Tess has convinced everyone to call her Dumpling.
And Mimi got a name that I'd already been using for her for a while now... Sweet Potato Pie.

I noticed that if you put it all together in a meal, you have a strange but well-balance meal. Something from every food group! And several desserts of course because that's how we crazy people roll.

So if you're trying to get my attention, be sure to address me as Ice Cream. Or Hey, Crazy Lady. I answer to both now.
And here's the obligatory photo that I have to attach to every post... I was picking up the littles from school and found Mango giving Sweet Potato Pie a squeeze while an amused Dumpling looked on.


  1. You guys are my kind of feast! (Although, in our house, my husband would be Ice Cream.)

    Meatball was my brother's nickname. It's the best as nicknames go!

    1. I remember Meatball from a LONG while back in the sitcom All in the Family. But seriously doubt the kids that named Papa that had any clue about that!

    2. Haha! Actually Archie called Glorias husband "Meathead" ! Im enjoying your blog , I came across the blog by accident and started reading.....even went as far back to the beginning as I could go and read all the way to now. You have a great family . Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious!! :D And the photo is adorable!!

    In this house, daddy would be Meatball too, I would be Coffee, the girls would be Chocolate and Pasta, and the tiny one would be Milk. lol


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