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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clubfoot Relapse Treatment - Part 6

The final trip to St. Louis came and went last week, and Jude's casts are finally off!
Jude's feet look wonderful and the correction is everything that we could have hoped for! Hopefully this correction will be permanent and there won't be any more relapses in his future. Of course there is no sure thing, but the tendon transfer surgery (ATTT) helps insure that his feet will stay in their correct position forever! 
I'm not telling those of you who've had casts anything new, but underneath those casts was some really gnarly skin, skin that hadn't seen the light of day in nearly 3 months! And finally to Jude's delight, the scratching began. I don't think he's stopped scratching yet!
And what was on the top of this mama's list of things she was looking forward to?
It had been almost 3 months since this boy had bathed! It is amazing how dirty those legs got under those casts. And I was dying to give him a good soak, which is exactly what happened about an hour after we got home.
By the time his bath ended, there was quite a bit of skin floating around. We called it Jude's "skin bath." It wasn't pretty, but it was long over due. And since that first bath a large quantity of coconut oil has been used to help his skin recover. His skin, like his strength, is recovering every day. 
Next step, Jude has some big work ahead of him and starts physical therapy 3 times per week, learning how to walk again. I have no doubt that he'll be up and going sooner rather than later. Cause he is an 8-year-old boy after all! There's not much anyone can do to stop him! 


  1. What a wonderful gift, just in time for Christmas!

  2. What a wonderful gift, just in time for Christmas!

  3. Yay for no more casts! I remember Katie's first post-casting bath. She was so thrilled! She had not been enjoying being dangled upside down over the tub to have her hair washed, lol. ;)

    1. I'm embarrassed to say how often Jude did not get sponge baths during those three months. However We chose to get his haircut often, and he got his hair washed then. Send an easier way to do it. So there were some sponge baths but probably not nearly as many as there should have been.

  4. How wonderful for Sweet Jude!! So glad the cast are off!!


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