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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Clubfoot Relapse Treatment - Part 5

Here are the first parts of Jude's relapse journey that bring us to now. Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4
After a month of Jude wearing long, non-weight baring casts up to his groin, we were very happy to get them off. And by off I mean that they were off for all of 30 minutes until they put the next set of casts on. Thankfully the new casts are short casts that go to just below the knee, weight baring so he can walk on them once he builds up some strength and flexibility in his thighs and knees that is again. And the best part is... it's the last set of casts he has to have!  WOOO HOOOOO!
See that "button" on the bottom of Jude's foot? I think it looks a lot like a big ol' washer that you'd get at Ace Hardware but probably cost a whole bunch more. It was put there during surgery and is anchoring the tendon in it's new place till it heals. (I think I have that right. It's amazing what they do!) They had a bit of trouble getting it off (or should I say out) of Jude's foot. That wasn't a fun moment for our Mr. Sensitive. 

Next week we travel to St Louis for the 6th and hopefully final time to have the casts removed. On one hand we are so grateful that this is a problem that is totally fixable. There are children in the world that aren't so fortunate to have the resources available to treat club feet, and children that and have health issues like heart disease that aren't correctable or have uncertain outcomes. In the grand scheme of things, club foot is a no-brainer for us. It's inconvenient and because of the travel we've taken a huge hit in the pocket book. But it's easy for us! The original treatment and relapse are treatable, and it's not lost of us that we are the lucky ones that we know how to do that and which doctors to see to give him the best possible outcome to make that happen. I've seen untreated children and children grown into adults begging on the streets in 3rd world countries that were not lucky enough to get their clubfeet treated. Only by God's grace were we born in the right place at the right time to have the resources to help sweet Jude.
But on the other hand, we are so ready to be done with this stage of the journey.
Done with the casts.
Done with the constant itching that can't be scratched.
Done with the wheelchair.
Done with the people who park in the handicapped space when they shouldn't.
Done with the sponge baths and my aching back.
Done with watching him watch the other kids from the sidelines wishing he could join in on their fun. I've been given the gift of ultimate respect for all the moms and the kiddos that are in wheelchairs life long. They are strong people both in body and spirit. And we are the fortunate ones that this treatment is just a very short season in Jude's life, and we will come out of it better and stronger in the end.
His legs have gotten a bit more strength since the long casts were removed, and we've introduced Jude to a walker, which we hope is a good idea since he'll be needing one when the casts come completely off.
I'd like to say that life will be slowing down once we stop traveling back and forth to St Louis, but that's when physical therapy starts, 2-3 times per week. Doc said it will take about 1 month to learn to walk again. Maybe I'll come up for air some time in February. Still, we are the lucky ones!

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