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Monday, November 23, 2015

Why my back hurts and my kid is going commando

I last left you with Clubfoot Relapse Part 4 where Jude had surgery to move and release some of the tendons in his feet. He was again casted in his 4th set of casts, this time "split" plaster casts wrapped in ace bandages for 4 more weeks.
A comfy position for reading a book? 
Obviously, we've seen our fair share of casts and become accustomed. But oh my, these casts were the death of us. Or at least they tried to kill us at every turn. First, they were all the way up to his groin on both legs. And the worst part was that they were non-weight-bearing. Absolutely no standing in them. No weight on them at all so he could properly heal from surgery. So my day ('cause I know this surgery and treatment isn't all about me, but I'm writing the blog so here it is. My view of the the world.) looked like this...

  • Lift Jude out of bed to put him in the wheelchair. 
  • Lift Jude out of the wheelchair and onto the potty. And don't even get me started with getting his underwear and pants down while simultaneously holding him. Like I said, the casts go up to his groin! There are bruises folks! Not on him, on me! 
  • Lift Jude off the potty and back into the wheelchair while pulling underwear and pants back up only to realize that clothing is now wet and try to decide if it's little enough to just dry out or if we need to change clothing. 
  • Lift Jude onto a dining room chair to sit at the table for breakfast. (a pediatric wheelchair leaves Jude sitting chin-high at the table. Not good for eating, so we move him to a chair.) 
  • Lift Jude back to his wheelchair after breakfast. 
  • Lift Jude into the car. 
  • Lift wheelchair into the car and drive to school.
  • Lift wheelchair out of the car once we get to school. 
  • Lift Jude out of the car and put him in the wheelchair. 
  • Go home and take a nap teach classes, make dinner, consider doing laundry and chase the dust bunnies around the house. 
  • Drive back to school for school pick up, and lift Jude back into the car. 
  • Lift the wheelchair into the car and drive home.
  • Lift the wheelchair out of the car once we get home. 
  • Lift Jude out of the car and put him in the wheelchair. 
  • Immediately race Jude to the potty because evidently going potty at school is not going to happen, probably because of the aforementioned underwear pants issue, even though we've gone over the plan and "dress rehearsals" with the school nurse multiple times. Did we discuss the urinal? Well we certainly discussed it with Jude. But he's a smart little guy, and he doesn't prefer it, so he figured out just the right words to use to gain access to the toilet. And it involves something I'd rather not clean out of a urinal. 
  • Lift Jude out of the wheelchair and onto the potty. Again, wrestle with pants and underwear while trying not to drop my son... or get injured myself. 
  • Lift Jude off the potty and back into the wheelchair. 
  • Lift Jude to the dining room table for dinner. 
  • Lift Jude back into his wheelchair after dinner. 
  • Lift Jude back onto and off of potty before bedtime. 
  • Lift Jude out of wheelchair one last time and into his bed.
  • Sleep and repeat. 
Notice that there is no sponge bathing in this scenario. No errands with Jude to the doctor or the grocery store. No going to church or out to eat. No hand washing. All of which happen regularly and require even more lifting. 

And this is why my back hurts and my kid is going commando. 


  1. So sorry you guys have to go through this, but the end is insight! What a difference it wil make to his future. Praying for you guys!

  2. A big plastic cup is going to be your new best friend. Or at least your back will thank you. Find one and let him pee into that like a urinal for the time being, while sitting in his chair. Gives him a bit more privacy/independence, saves your back for the times he really does need to actually sit on the toilet.


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