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Monday, November 16, 2015

Star Students (Gotta show 'em off!)

I get to do something everyday that nobody gets to see but me. And that makes me sad. Because I gotta tell you, it's awesome! It fills my cup and makes me want to share. Actually I do frequently share with lots of random folks that I come into contact with. My girlfriend that I have coffee with. My husband at the end of a busy day. My oldest daughter before she rushes out the door to class. My sister-in-law at family dinner... I'm usually pulling them aside, shoving my iPhone in their face and saying... HERE, quick... LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT this amazing photographer! Look at the pics that she took! They're so SO amazing, don't you think?! I remember when she was just starting out, and I've seen her skills grow till she takes pics like THIS! 

Because I'm actively teaching and giving feedback to my photography students every day, Monday-Saturday, I get to see them progress. I see there skills move forward and watch what they create with their cameras. Most often they start out with just a camera, a lot of questions that they don't even know that they have yet, a lot of enthusiasm, and a bewildered look on their face. They tell me that when they first took that camera out of the box, it had WAY more buttons and numbers on it than they thought it was going to have. And in the beginning they KNOW that their camera can capture gorgeous photos, of THEIR family and their children, but they just don't know what combination of buttons and numbers to use to take them. And that's where I get the honor (and I really i MEAN that. It's an honor that they selected me to teach them.) to teach them how to create the photographs that they desire.

So, I'm gong to start writing some regular blog posts that highlight some of my students, ones that have taken at least 2 of my classes, Manual 'n More and Lightroom 101. I want to show you just what I'm seeing! I want to show you how crazy ridiculously proud I am of the students I get the honor of teaching. The thing is, long after the classes are over, I hang out with my students via the www for a long while. Sometimes years. We become friends. I'd miss them if they went away! And even though we live all over the country, actually even all over the world, we are sometimes lucky enough to get to meet up in person! So not only do I get to see them initially develop their budding photography skills, but I get to see them fly with their skills and come into their own as artists! It's just amazing I tell you. Some have started their own businesses. Some are hobbyists and prefer to use their amazing talent just to capture their own treasured moments. And that's what I want to share you; Ordinary Miracles "Star Students" and what they've done with the skills they've acquired. I cannot wait to show them off!

I know you'll be as impressed by them as I am! I know you find inspiration in their images like I do. And I'll be sure to include links so you can keep getting inspired by them too. You never know. Maybe one of them lives in your neck of the woods! The first one is coming on this Friday!

And because you know I simply cannot post without a photo, here is some eye candy that will hopefully inspire you to get out there and capture the ordinary miracles that are already all around you.


  1. I need another class soon!!! I can't wait to see the start students!! Hoping one day I reach that status!!

    1. I'm ready any time you are, Dawn! There's a sale price going on right now through the end of the day!


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