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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Man Child

In my efforts to catch up with the birthday posts, let us continue with the Man Child. 
He's 17 year old now.
Oh my.
Certainly not a child anymore. But not exactly a man yet.
More like a man in the making.

Sometimes I think I should rename this blog to something like, Parenting Teenagers: How I Survived. Or How Not to Parent Teenagers 101. Or The Things We Can't Talk About. Because you know, there's so much we can't talk about because really their privacy is sacred, that it would be a very boring blog in the end. And not just Patch really. All my teenagers. And we are back to having 3 of them under roof these days.

Patch is a junior is high school. He surprisingly surpassed Papa height-wise this year, making him the tallest person in the house at 6'3 1/4" tall. And yes, that 1/4" is really important since it's what makes him taller than his father. He's pretty much solid muscles, and he likes to show them off.
A lot.
All the time.
Even when nobody is looking.
So it's not surprising that he's all about athletics. Wrestling, track and weight training are pretty much the most important thing in his days. And he's really funny too.

What I can talk about is how much I adore this child young man. Like love, love, LOVE him! When we're not trying to kill each other, his company is on the top of my list of things I want more of. He and I are not wired the same, and often I simply don't "get" the rational behind his actions. That's probably my fault... expecting something rational. I mean really, some folks fly by the seat of their pants, and they're really are some wonderful advantages to that go-get-'em, thinking-out-of-the-box, nothing's-impossible mentality that I'll never have because I'm an anal-retentive linear rule follower! In the end it takes both kinds of folks to make the world go 'round. So I love him with all I am even though I don't get him much of the time.

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