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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The best little pirate in the whole wide world!

These might be some of my favorite Halloween picture ever!
And they make me think... really? How did I get so lucky to get to be the mom of THESE awesome kids?!

Here they are... our little pirates!
And every pirate has a parrot, right?

Truth be told, the parrot, aka Livy the Unstoppable, took the reins on the building the ship. Like I said, I'm that lucky to have these kiddos! We had so much fun making it together for Jude! Well I had a blast making it with her. I hope she had fun working on it with me too!
And the girly girl on the left was agreeable to being a pirate only if there were lots of ribbons and lace and a dress involved. Yep, we can do that thanks to second hand shopping!
But it does twirl!
Jude has been a little bummed about Halloween this year for obvious reasons. He attended a couple Halloween events and found there were a lot of things he just couldn't do. But we explained that he most surely WILL get a lot more candy than his sisters this year. And our neighbors didn't disappoint and he did! So all in all, he was happy with the final out come.
I mean, how crazy cute are they?! I almost can't stand it!
Yep, I am again, reminded, that even aside from their cute factor, I am that lucky!


  1. Arrghhh!!! Shiver me timbers!! You havw a grear looking crew right there!! Livvy adds the icing ontop!!These are the BEST and Jude's ship was PERFECTION! !! Love how iit all came together to put a smile on his:little face!! GOOD JOB MATEY!!!

  2. I saw your photos on Instagram and thought they were the best costumes I'd seen! The most awesome pirates ever. I love the ship & especially the parrot. Brilliant! :) Hope you all had fun!

    1. Thank you, Miriam! We, the parrot and I, had a lot of fun putting the boat and the costumes together.

  3. You guys looked great! That pirate ship is awesome. We're going to have to step up our game, we just put a grass skirt on Pink Wheelchair!

  4. I love how her nose wrinkles when she smiles :)


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