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Monday, September 14, 2015

We are the lucky ones

See these cute little Viet tootsies?
Most of the time, we completely forget that we adopted 3 special needs kiddos, until we are reminded that is. Last week we got that reminder when we noticed something that we hadn't seen before, and we've got a bit of a problem.
Okay, no matter what I say next, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. We are the lucky ones!

Unless you know right where to look and what to look for, you probably wouldn't notice it, but after sending videos and pictures to the most amazing supportive medical community I've ever come in contact with, they confirm what we feared. Jude's club feet are relapsing, and they have advised us to start treatment for him, sooner rather than later. Ever so slightly, Jude's feet are turning in, back to the way they were when he was born.
Back to clubbed feet.
And we gotta get it fixed. Jude is 8 years old now, and that's pretty old to have this type of treatment, especially since most kiddos with club feet are treated a week or two after birth. With proper care only 6% of treated club feet kiddos will relapse. But you know how it is with adoption. That's not always possible for our special kiddos who were born half way across the world, to get treatment when they should and proper care afterwards. Jude has already relapsed once, in VietNam, before he was officially a member of this crazy forever family. So he was treated for club feet a 2nd time when he came home. After that we kinda thought we were in the clear and wouldn't need to do anything more about his club feet. Evidently we were wrong. Evidently we are among the 6% that have to do it again. You know the old saying about telling God your plans... ya, I should know better.

This kinda hit us all of a sudden, so this past week has been a crazy (more than usual) scramble with doctors, nurses, the insurance company, his school and teacher, hotels, scheduling child care and flights... The doctors that he needs to treat him since he's quite a huge bit older than the typical club foot patient, well, they aren't anywhere close to us. So in less than 2 weeks, Jude and I are off to the Gateway to the West, St Louis, MO! (I've been told it's humid there. Say it ain't so! Being from AZ, I don't do humidity, and I've heard they have a wonderful zoo that's wheelchair friendly that we surely will visit!) We will be visiting St Louis 5-7 times between now and early December, just the 2 of us 'cause someone of course needs to stay here and hold down the crazy fort.
 So for a little while at least, he's not going to be doing this...
No walking, running, jumping or swimming. Instead he'll be crawling, scooting around on his bum or in a wheel chair, and doing a lot of just sitting around 'cause he'll have casts on one leg or both, toes to mid-thigh. And you know what? That's okay because I really truly mean it when I say we are the lucky ones! We can fix this! We know what doctors to see and have the resources (or at least we have faith that we're going to find the resources!) to do it. That kinda thing doesn't happen everywhere in the world, and that fact isn't lost on us.
We really are the lucky one's because we're gonna fix this thing!


  1. St. Louis is a fun place to be a kid, even in a wheelchair! The zoo is as wonderful as you've heard, and it's FREE so you can visit for as short or as long as you like. I'd also check out the Science Center one of these times while you're in town. I live here and can vouch for the humidity, but summer is winding down here so it shouldn't be too bad.

    1. I think we're in for several trips to the zoo as I've heard it's very close to our hotel. Humidity... well I think I'm just going to have to deal with it. Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. The zoo is great :) We live in Columbia (about 2 hours away), and I totally think it's worth it to make the trek with my 3 littles at least once a year! Another place we've heard great things about (but are just getting old enough to enjoy so will be checking out this year!) is the Magic House. And we've enjoyed the science museum in the past. I'm sure you'll find plenty of good stuff to keep yourselves entertained!

  3. he is such a handsome boy! i can see all the girls chasing after him already!


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