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Monday, September 7, 2015

One thing about getting older that is pretty stinkin' awesome

Sunny sent a selfie to me this morning.
My knee jerk reaction was Holy Gamoleeze, you have crazy gorgeous Grey's Anatomy eyes! 
And after I got over seeing her eyes and wiped away the tears from my own, my second knee jerk reaction was, Get out of town! We've raised an adult! 
Seriously, even though she's moved out, married an amazing man, is a senior in nursing school and doing crazy well in all the aforementioned things, I still think of her as a little girl. And in the end that's not such a bad thing since after all she'll always be my little girl!

I started blogging when she was only 12 years old so I had to go back, all the way back to here. And watched her make decisions like this one as she grew. And you know it wasn't all peaches and cream. There were mistakes and hard times for sure on both of our parts. She'll tell you the same thing. But blogging doesn't lend itself to protecting a teenager's privacy very well. In hind sight, we had every right to be afraid, but in the end all of it brought her to who she is today, and we couldn't be more proud!

Like all our children, Sunny is getting older. Each year brings new hurdles to jump and objectives to achieve. Sunny is no longer in our nest but making one of her own. (No, there are no grand babies in sight! Well there is a puppy on the way, but that doesn't really count, right?) This getting old thing... well... it's has it down side 'cause kiddos aren't the only one that get older with each passing year. I used to say that I loved birthdays because getting older meant getting smarter, and I loved not making all the mistakes I used to make when I was young, say in my 20's. Now that I'm in my 40's I realize that although all that getting smarter stuff is true, it's still a LOT easier to say when you're in your 30's and think you're so smart and all. 'Cause really folks, 30's is YOUNG. And 40's is young too but suddenly in your 40's there are physical reminders of the aging process. Things start falling down and even falling off like they didn't do in your 30's. Stuff starts to grow where they never grew before and things even turn colors where you thought they wouldn't. You start to make sounds and say things that you swore you never would. Yes, I'm getting smarter all at the same time, but there's a cost, and i"m wondering what my 50's will bring.

But then there is this...
I took this when they were visiting last month. Young love is so beautiful!) So is young skin by the way!) The time they spent with us was cherished. I tried to soak up every moment they were here. Seeing the fruits of one's labor seems to have a magical power to fade the age spots and soften the wrinkles like nothing else does.
She is happy.
She is wonderful.
A nurse and her Airman wrapped around her. T
hey are the next generation of folks who are going out there to take care of not just one another, which they do beautifully by the way, but outstretching their hand to the world and offering their assistance there too.

And I had a tiny part in that.
And that makes getting older not so bad really!
Bring on my 50's! I think there's going to be lots more fruit there!

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