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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mimi's change

Truth be told, this little one is having a tough time too. It's nothing that can't be over come, and is taking some extra time and attention that we are gladly giving her. I had envisioned her and sweet thing being together to play and play and play. Not the case. Mimi is tolerating the change at best. She's such a compassionate and sensitive child, and really she just doesn't get it. We needed to move Mimi into our bedroom for a while so she's been displaced, and that doesn't help matters. Add the fact that school started, and she's been what I can best describe as melancholy too much of the time. She was still napping when school started, and she's so so tired by the time she comes home from school. She told me she likes school but she's  worried that she "won't be able to keep her eyes open, and the kids will make fun of her." Oh, baby. I get it. I SO get it. I had a talk with her teacher ad am making sure she gets to bed early. Those are steps in the right direction. After school at home she often comes and snuggles up next to me and just falls sleeps. I cherish those moments and have no guilt for the dust bunnies and laundry pile that I look at as we snuggle together. And of course there are some extra ice cream Sunday dates with Mimi and Papa and some extra chocolate treats here and there for her too. Liv took just her to "Butterflyland" this weekend as a special treat. (PS-Butterflies are evidently terrifying. Stingrays on the other hand are awesome.) Like I said, we will over come this together. It's a gift to be her mother, for Papa to be her father and the kiddos to be her sibling. And we're happily doing it for her. Change is hard. But when done together, all leaning on one another, it can strengthen a family. 

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