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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Clubfoot Relapse Treatment - Part I

We made it to St. Louis!

The flight was pretty uneventful except it has been a while that Jude has been on a plane was he equal parts excited and scared. (To be frank so am I a little bit.) With all those emotions showing on his face and his eyes looking out the plane window, he asked me, "Mom, what happens if the plane falls out of the sky?" My sweet little worry wart.

Having Liv with us is wonderful. She's another pair of hands,and like a stereotypical mom of a teenager, I'm letting her take the lead with "mobile guidance" ie using her cell phone to get us places, since it comes much easier for her. She's in charge of getting us from place to place via Google Maps and Uber. Yep, I'm a lucky mama to have her here!
Then we got to meet up with my cousin and her kiddos that I haven't seen for years. Oh my goodness it was such a treat to see her and catch up! We met up with our kids at the St. Louis Science Center. (Can I bunny trail a moment, and tell you how impressed I am with St. Louis already! It's a great city that offers so much, and a lot of it is free like the Science Center! My wheels are already spinning trying to figure out a way that we could bring the whole family back here someday.) Back to the Science Center, the kiddos all had so much fun just wandering around, pushing buttons, building things and then we took a nice walk through the park back to the hotel. It was a great day to explore since tomorrow Jude will likely get toe to thigh casts.
Tomorrow we see the amazing Dr. Dobbs, get an assessment of our sweet boy, make a plan, and start treatment. I think Jude is doing pretty well. He hasn't expressed any more fear about it, and for that I am so grateful!

To answer one question that I'm getting frequently, "Couldn't you find a doctor closer to you to treat Jude's feet?"
Well... no.
In the United States, club feet is most often diagnosed in utero and treated at 1-2 weeks of age. So Jude is quite old to be treated. And that makes finding the right treatment even more important. Many doctors want to surgically move the bones in the foot to correct club foot, and that can often lead to continual pain as an adult. There are really only 2 (maybe 3) doctors in the US that we'd trust to treat Jude, and Dr. Dobbs thankfully was covered by our insurance! Please, if you're researching club foot treatment for your child, whether is be for a newborn, baby or an older child, please educate yourself about the Ponsetti method. Please find a Ponsetti certified doctor (not one who treats with Ponsetti methods but is actually Ponsetti certified) to get another opinion. And if it's an older child, please reach out directly to Dr. Dobbs in St. Louis, Missouri, or Dr. Morcuende in Des Moines, Iowa. You do not have to be a current patient for them to take a quick look at pictures and recommend a qualified doctor. I'm speaking from 1st hand experience here. Don't damage your child's feet with unnecessary surgeries that will later effect your child's quality of life as an adult.

Click here for part 2


  1. Enjoy your stay. I'm from St Louis but live in Columbia, MO now. If you plan on road tripping a little bit more West, get a hold of me :) Good luck with Jude.

    1. I wish we could meet up, Anne! I love St. Louis now and wish we lived there or close to it. It offers SO much!

    2. If your trip overlaps a weekend, let me know. I come home to see my family often. I'd love to see you.


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