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Monday, August 10, 2015

Who was the most excited to see the first day of school arrive?

I keep giggling at this picture every time I see it.
This was their I'm serious about school look. Tess cracks me up. Almost enough to make me not notice that The Man Child is wearing flip flops, (One must carefully pick which battles to fight) and has car keys in his hand. 'Cause he will be driving both himself and Boo to school this year!
Oh my. 
Oh my my my.

And this sweet girl started "kinneygarten" this morning. Oh please, for the love of all moms who don't want their children to grow up, please nobody correct her pronunciation of the word kinneygarten! I want her to say it that way forever! Mimi was equal parts excited for her first day of school, ('cause she's only been waiting fffooooorrreeevvvvvvvverrr to go to school with Tess and Jude) and nervous. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was just in our arms looking out the window for anything familiar? (and the pics linked show that it's evident that The Man Child has done a fair share of growing too!) Those 3 years flew by I tell ya! 
And I love that I caught a picture of Tess looking totally bored and in reality was completely exasperated that I was taking pictures of them before school. Jude kinda was too, but at least he pretended to be excited.
 And then they walked from the parking lot to school...
 ...through the playground waving at the friends they hadn't seen all summer...
 ...into their new classrooms...
... and I said goodbye! My 16th year doing this, this year for grades 11th, 7th, 2nd, 2nd and kindergarten, and I'm pretty sure that I was more excited for school to start then they were!

In the end, Mimi didn't shed a single tear... but I did, later on in the parking lot as I drove away. 

16 years and I'm still crying in the parking lot. 
I hope that never changes. 

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