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Friday, August 21, 2015


Forgive my absence.
As expected, (but maybe not because can anyone really prepare for this type of thing?) we got a placement of our sweet thing quickly. Our licence was approved in the morning and my phone started to ring that afternoon.
So she's here. And she amazing. And again like Mimi, we thought she would be a he because the need it so great to find homes for little boys. But God has other plans and she is here with us and settling in.
And I can't and won't say much more than that about the situation.

As for me, my emotions are reeling. And none like I expected.
The need for a support system is HUGE in this process, probably even more so than international adoption. The house is a mess. I've forgotten appointments. Dinner and taking a shower seem like distant memories. I'm missing my camera. I reached out and a dear (online) mom friend, and she said, pretend you just had a baby. What would your expectations for your life and yourself be? What would you expect of yourself if you just had a baby 4 days ago? It made it make all sorts of sense in my mind and more importantly my heart. Okay, I need to give myself more time and grace. I'm doing that.

The transition has gone as well as expected. Don't get me wrong. It hasn't gone great, just as well as could be expected. Frankly we didn't expect it to go great. You know, pray for the best and prepare for the worst. Something like that. And we're all learning not just about each other but also about the amazing grace of the Lord in the process.

The kiddos are processing too. The reality of how this affects the day-to-day life has hit them. All are doing okay. Liv has stepped up to the plate like she was born to do this. Actually I think she was! Mimi is having a tougher time. I'm giving her extra snuggles and mom time. Some are adjusting better than others and honestly it's the unknown that hard to adjust to for all.

Livy's holding down the fort this evening and Papa's taking me out of a surprise date this evening that starts with a pedicure at a spa! Just thinking about it literally makes me want to cry.
I need it.
We need it.

More later...


  1. Oh Nancy, I'll continue to pray for you guys. What an amazing thing you guys are doing and the trials and tribulations will ease with lots of love, which you have so much to give.

  2. Oh Nancy I have to agree with "online mom". Just know you are human and sometines disorder happens. Alot has change in your household in just a week or so, so allow for time,adjustments and lots of ME TIME. Papa is awesome!! Nothing like a relaxing pedicure. Congrats on the placement of "baby girl". Praying for you in TX.

    1. He's crazy awesome! When the going gets tough he just comes along side me and we are such a join powerful unit working together. I'm so lucky and grateful for that! Thank you!

  3. Hi Nancy
    Thank you for sharing this. We became licensed foster parents in December last year. We've had a few placements, but one that lasted three months & I really did feel the way that you described. It was hard. Worth absolutely every second of it, but it was hard. If it helps, it did get easier after the first month as we all adjusted to each other.
    I will say, though, that I have fallen in love with every child that has come through. I wish I could keep them all. We are currently chatting with our agency about a possible permanent placement. This is where our heart is & we would love to have these little ones, but it has to be right for everyone involved. If we do end up with this placement I'm going to hang onto what your friend told you about a new baby coming into the family & give us some time to adjust.
    All the best & thank you for sharing. I will be praying for you.

    1. I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that one of your placements "felt" different than the others, harder. I can't imagine ALL placements being like this. If it is, I may not be the gal for the job and that's makes me scared and sad. Fingers crossed for you about your new hopefully little one.

  4. Congratulations! You are a brave woman! I admire the new plunge you've taken!!


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