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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You know that thing that happens when your mom visits?

When she paints your youngest daughter's finger nails on the porch. 
And she does the dinner dishes while you get the kids ready for bed. 
And she makes you breakfast. 
And she brings pie and brownies when she comes. 
And she doesn't like her picture taken so you have to sneak them when she's not looking.
And she and you spend hours catching up about anything and everything. 
And she stays with the kids so you can go to the grocery store... alone. 
And she plays Spot It, Ticket to Ride and Trash again and again and again with the kids. 
And she gets up earlier than you so you can sleep in. 
And you try to help her learn how to use her new cell phone but realize you don't know how to do it anymore than she does. 
And the two of you go lookie loo-ing in antique shops together. 
And she uses words like lookie loo. you try to think of a way to make her stay forever. 
And she always has great parenting advice but only when you ask. 
And she always takes your side and has your back. 
And you find that as you grow older, you're really not that different from her anymore. 
And she loves you unconditionally... always. 
Ya that.


  1. I envy you.. What a blessing to have such a great mom!

  2. This is so touching. Oh yes....I so can fondly recall these days. My mother lived a few neighborhoods over from me, but prior to her death in 2005, my, her and my younger sister would head out early on a Saturday morning, sit down to IHOP and have breakfast and hit all the garage sales we could possibly find. Those days were priceless as well as the many funny stories she told, the jellybean cakes on Easter, the holiday gatherings, the best cornbread dressing this side of heaven. So glad you enjoyed your mom, mom's are a true blessing indeed. I miss my Mom with every fiber of my being.


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