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Friday, July 24, 2015

Photography classes open for registration!

I just opened up registration for 2 of my photography classes, my brand new class for intermediate photographers and one for beginners too. Care to join me for the fun?

Lightroom 101 is a digital editing class for beginners. It starts in October so it'll be a great distraction when the weather starts to cool off and the days start to grow shorter. This class is entirely online and is for anyone who wants to learn to edit their photos and make the the best they can be. Using Lightroom (an Adobe product) Lightroom 101 we’ll learn how to crop, make photos brighter or darker, boost the contrast and even convert them to black & white photos. We’ll also learn how to whiten teeth, make eyes sparkle, fill shadows and more! You don't have to own Lightroom since you can use Adobe’s free trial and try it out during the class before deciding to buy it. There’s also no need to be “in class” any particular time because you check in when it’s convenient for you. I'll be there the whole time though for questions, clarifications, and to help point you in the right direction on every photo. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what Melissa, one of my students, had to say about the class.
I learned so much from the Lightroom class!  Nancy’s lessons are very clear, easy to follow, and packed with information and tons of useful tips!  Before this class I hesitated a lot with my editing, worried that I didn’t know what I was doing, but now that it has been so clearly explained  I am really enjoying it and my photos look fantastic! 

More details and the link to register for the Lightroom 101 class are HERE.  

I also opened up registration for the class, Enlighten Me: A Study of Light and Photography. This online class is for intermediate photographers so all students must be comfortable shooting in Manual mode, be able to achieve proper exposure and sharp focus, and be able to do a clean edit with ACR/Bridge or Lightroom editing software prior to class starting.  The class will discuss many different types of natural light setting including back lighting, low light, and shooting in full direct sunlight. But we won't stop there. Then we'll also take our pics into editing and learn how to polish them up to be the best they can be! I expect this to be a smaller class since it starts quite soon on August 3rd! 

Here's what Deb, a student who to the Beta version of this class, had to say about it. 

It’s soooo good – the best class yet imo (the others have been great too but this one pulls everything together – lots of lightbulb moments & pushing us to try new things) & so much fun!!
The rest of the details and the link to register for the Enlighten Me class are HERE. And if you have any questions about either class, please don't hesitate to contact me.  

I hope to see you there! 

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