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Monday, July 27, 2015

Mimi on golf

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This is Mimi's first year playing golf. Honestly I wasn't going to have her participate because she's only 5 years old after all. But then when her brothers and sister were having lessons, someone asked her why she wasn't playing, and she replied with the saddest look and big ol' puppy dog eyes, My mom won't let me. And because this child is generally spoiled and we really hardly ever tell her no (cause really she's just the sweetest thing with the most irresistible giggle that we just cant' hardly ever tell her no. Seriously. I've tried. It's impossible!) I caved in and let her try it the next 2 weeks.
We decided to let her participate in the children's tournament 'cause like I mentioned, she has those puppy dog eyes. That's her foursome below for the tournament. Surprisingly, the girls below are within 1 year of her age. Looks like we have another petite little one. 
And just in case you are on pins and needles about how she did in aforementioned tournament, She scored a 28.  One 1 hole.
I was taking pics and no nothing about golf. But thankfully a lot of her Papa's side of the family does! And she got some great tips from her Granna! 
Let's just say that golf, when you first start playing it, isn't graceful. Nothing about it looks or feels natural. Especially when your 5. There's a whole lot of muscles that have to work together to get a little ball in a little hole that's a long ways away. And truth be told I'm not sure if she enjoyed it nearly as much as she loved doing something Tess and Jude were doing. Sheesh, Mimi would love going to bed early and eating Lima beans if Tess and Jude did it first! There was a whole lot of whiffs going on.
But she sure did look cute doing it and had a smile on her face most all the time even when she didn't make contact, which happened a lot. 

And that's a skill in it's own right! 


  1. It's adorable the way her nose crinkles when she smiles..


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