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Saturday, July 25, 2015

A blog to follow!

This is Sennie. One of my former photography students turned dear (cyber) friend. And I WILL meet her in person some day! At which time she'll probably figure out quite quickly that I really am crazy.
As she explained in her blog, she's looking at a pic of the newest member of her family with her 9-year-old daughter, who's wanted a little sister for a long while. They both look a little misty eyed just looking at her. Such a sweet moment.

Sennie is in China right now about to get their newest daughter. Not to mention that she already has quadruplets (yep, FOUR of them all at one time!) and a 9 year old. And an Airstream that I'm totally jealous of! Sennie has the most beautiful talent for documentary lifestyle photography. It's a feast for the eyes I tell ya!

Her blog is Our Mothership Adventures, and it's full of their plain ol' life split between Maine, Florida and on the road with their 5 very soon to be 6 children that she home schools.

Go follow her adventures and soak in the eye candy while you're at it!

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