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Thursday, June 11, 2015

You know you're a mom when... bring your 5 year old home from the hospital after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, and all she wants to do is be cuddled and stroked and held and cry... and as you walk in the door holding your child, and rush to get her a popsicle and discover that the freezer has gone out a while ago and all the food is melting and needs to be dealt with immediately.
Watching them wheel away your child, no matter how common the surgery, is always hard. Thankfully I haven't had to do it too many times. 6 times in all... not that I'm counting or anything. She goes down that long hall, and you're suppose to go the other way to the waiting room. Everything about being a mom says that's the absolutely wrong direction to go. But you do it anyway.  

She's doing great. The sad part was she was so excited to go to the hospital! And was pretty shocked when she woke up. All those tubes. Lots of thrashing and deciding she wanted nothing to do with all those tubes. Then those sad little whimpering tears. 

And because life stops for no mom

Option #1 - Close the freezer door, call an older child and beg her to go to the store immediately and buy more popsicles. And of course she can add the cost to the mounting debt that you've accrued with her. 
Option #2 - Call over a medium child and tell them they will work off 2 hours of their I-didn't-do-so-hot-in-math-because-I just-didn't-want-to-turn-in-my-homework consequences if they'd immediately take all the melting food to the back twice-as-small freezer and find a way to make it all fit.
Option #3 - Decide immediately what to do with a soggy and dripping lasagna that will not fit in the twice-as-small freezer no matter how much rearranging medium child did. 
Option #4 - Call Papa and tell him that you have fabulous news... The neglected and very dirty freezer is going to be sparkly clean by the time he gets home! 
Option #5 - Retire to the bedroom with the 5 year old, wrap her in her favorite blanket, give her her favorite lovie, turn on her favorite movie, and hold her as you stroke her temple and rock her in your arms.

Because I'm a chronic overachiever, I did all 5 options. 

And this evening, despite having hiccups which is just cruel, Mimi is doing well and on a steady diet of popsicles, ice cream, sherbet, pudding, Jello, Gatorade, movies and video games. 
And we're having lasagna for dinner. 


  1. a VERY HARD day, carefully described, survived, and truly the heart of a MOM. Your baby girl knew she was LOVED. It was probably time to enjoy that lasagna, likely saved for a busy day. :) May she recover quickly.

  2. You know, I hadn't thought about it, but that's EXACTLY what that lasagna was for! It had no plan but to be used when things were extra crazy. What a blessing!

  3. What an adventure! Sorry you had to go through all of that! Happy Mimi is doing well! Hope today is a better day!

  4. An excellent example of, "when life gives you lemons...!" Glad to hear Mimi's doing well. I had my tonsils taken out more than half a century ago and I *still* get the willies thinking about my recovery room experience...!


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