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Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer and a lot of nothing-ness is happening

School is out, and we've made it to our Little Cabin in the Woods. Today it is suppose to be 105 degrees in the desert. And up at Little Cabin in the Woods, the high is suppose to be 78 degrees. The tall pines swaying gently in the breeze. Enough said.
My bliss.
My no-phone-ringing, no-appointment-going, no-traveling, just baking-cookies, blowing-bubbles and going-on-walks summer bliss. I always hear hear lots of chatter from my fellow mommies this time of year about how to fill their kiddo's time in these summer months.
Reading clubs.
Summer school.
Summer camp.
The swim team.
Robotics class.
There are lots of ways to fill our kiddo's days. And to be truthful, in the desert in the summer, it's really hard to have your kiddos house bound for the whole summer break. I imagine it's a lot like snow days in reverse, but for 11 weeks straight! So if we weren't blessed to have Little Cabin in the Woods I'd probably be doing the same thing and finding activities to occupy our days.

BUT I gotta tell you. This lots of doing nothing is just about the most perfect thing in the whole world to me. There's something so important and wonderful about kids not having anything to do and having to make things up to occupy themselves. Getting into squabbles and having the time to work them out. Being outside playing with sticks and dirt and swings. Riding their bikes. Reading books together. Getting so dirty that there's always a ring around the tub each night. The children have so much fun up here that it's near impossible to slow them down long enough to eat lunch. So I stuff them at breakfast and am prepared for them to be famished at dinner. They have been eating two dinners actually, the first at about 5pm, and another at about 8 pm right before bed. Actually the 2nd dinner is really just a ploy that they use to not go to bed. You know the routine.

Time to hop in bed!
But I'm huuuuunnnngggrryyyyyyyyy!
So I makes them a 2nd dinner, fill them with more calories, and they crash in their beds and sleep hard.

Summer is my favorite season of the year because of all the nothing-ness that goes on. But all that nothing-ness doesn't come by accident. It has to be guarded and even planned out if need be or life will creep in with it's dentist appointments and PTO planning meetings and take over. I want to slow down. I want to live more simply. And I hope our children look back on these days and don't regret the lack of trips, classes and extra curricular activities. I hope they remember the feelings that they had at Little Cabin in the Woods, feelings of enough time to just be children. 15 years ago, I wish I knew then what I know now. I wish I would have ditched a lot of that filler stuff that I did with Sunny and Liv way back when, and just did more nothing with them. Snuggled more. Took 5 more minutes to rub the lotion in their legs. Took more walks. Caught more bugs and made more forts.

The nothing kind of stuff that is everything in the life of a child.

Happy summer, to you all! Happy June!
I hope you have a lot of nothing planned in your days!


  1. So true. Awesome summer plans!

  2. I had to explain to my husband that summer means sometimes doing nothing. That it is not our job to fill their lives with endless activities. Also sometimes doing nothing involves making messes. He forgets what it means to be a child and buys way to much into more is better. More lesson=better schools in the end. Not me! I say let them be children.

    1. There's a lot to be said for both. A healthy balance. But I sure do see a lot of mamas trying to fill every moment. We're lucky to have the opportunity to do all this nothingness!

  3. It's funny; when my daughter was younger, how much I would dread hearing "I'm bored" throughout the summer months.. Now that my girl is 18, in her second year of college and welding full time I hardly see her.. What I wouldn't give to hear "I'm bored" now! I envy you your little cabin in the woods :)

    1. I KNOW what you mean, Ren! I so miss my bigs toddling around the house, sand in their shoes, getting up in the middle of the night, sticky fingers and all... things I never thought I'd miss.


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