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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Clutter and cookies

I'm gonna tell you a shocking secret! You may wanna sit down for this one...

I'm not a huge fan of chocolate.
See! I told you it was shocking!
So it's probably no surprise that I prefer my cookies plain. Don't get me wrong. I'll eat them for sure because I have the will power of a 2 year old, but give a a plate of warm chocolate chop cookies, and I'll search through them for the cookie with the least amount of chocolate chips. So it's no surprise that I like sugar cookies. And butter cookies. Plain. Ya, I'm a boring gal in this respect! So I ran across this recipe for brown sugar butter cookies on Pinterest, and it seemed pretty simple. We gotta keep baking pretty stinkin' simple at the Little Cabin, so Mimi and I gave it a try.

Okay, so let's stop here a moment and examine the overwhelming amount of clutter on the kitchen counter at Little Cabin in the Woods. I'll tell you that the kitchen isn't especially dirty in this pic. Cluttered yes, but dirty no. But with a very small kitchen, (8x8' of floor space) and a lack of cabinetry, I keep a lot of stuff on the counter tops at the Little Cabin. That's my story and I'm sticking with it! Going counter clockwise and starting on the left, a hot plate, peanut butter jar left over from lunch, basket with paper plates, Bisquick, crackers, several boxes of cereal, my recipe book, another basket with toothbrushes, flossers and lotion and vitamins, paper towels, beloved iced tea jug, cute-as-a-bug Mimi licking the beater, popsicle mold, mixer, drying rack, miscellaneous dirty dishes and cutting board, and the toaster over.  Whewww... that's a lot of stuff! One this to note is what's not in this kitchen. Stuff like a full sized refrigerator. An oven. A stove or cook top. It's 10 weeks of cooking for a large family in a "snack bar," and let's just say the bar-b-que and the crock pot get a work out!
Anywho, Mimi and I baked the cookies in the toaster over. They were pretty easy to make. They weren't as yummy as I'd hoped. Good yes, Yummy enough to make again... ummm, I don't know 'cause there's so many things on my ever-growing Sweets board on Pinterest to make! Although I will mention that Jude seriously said these cookies were not only the best cookies I've ever made, but possibly the best cookies in the whole world! He doesn't like chocolate either. It's a genetic thing. #AdoptionJoke And I'm trying to fatten him up a bit, so actually I may have to make them again!
And as we mamas know, in the end, making cookies isn't really about the cookies anyway.


  1. My husband always requests chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips! He's not a chocolate fan either. Brown sugar cookies are a good fit for him...we're still working out the perfect recipe though...mine always end up super flat.

    1. Now that's why I LOVE my bloggie friends! I've never made choc chip cookies without the choc chips and always wanted to! But it seems "wrong" for some reason. Now you've given me the courage to try! ---Re these cookies, they weren't flat at all! We're at pretty high altitude up here and I thought they'd be flat, but nope! They rose just great. Like I said, Jude loved them. If you give 'em a try for your hubby, let me know how they turn out. They HAVE to be better baked in an over, compared to our little toaster oven!

  2. Criminal! My best friend is a butter cookie fan!


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