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Friday, May 1, 2015

Selfies in the ER (or how things stay the same)

I just took a 4 hour nap.
FOUR hours!
I've been feeling kinda run down lately. It's been a crazy week as you'll see. Then this morning I woke up in a bad way. Completely un-refreshed, kinda sick and nauseous but not really, and a pretty constant headache. Not sick mind you. Just not right. In hind sight I think I just needed a catch up. So by about 10am this morning I couldn't keep my eye open, and FOUR hours later, I'm feeling MUCH better. I'm not sure how all the stars in the universe lined up that allowed me to have 4 uninterrupted hours, but they did and I took advantage of it!

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, the school nurse called with that call that all moms know is eventually coming the moment you have a baby. You look at your phone when it rings, see the it's the school calling even before you answer it, and immediately wonder which child is it? How bad is he hurt?

It was the school nurse asking for permission to transport the Man Child via ambulance to the hospital. Man Child didn't think it was necessary, but the nurse said there was a possible back injury, and she didn't want to risk moving him. Okay, yes, you have my permission to call 911 and transport him to the hospital.
I hung up and called Papa. I hung up and called Livy to see if she could meet us and take Mimi. Our house is about 12 minutes (not to be precise or anything) from his school. For some reason I thought I could beat the ambulance there. Ummmmmm, no. Firefighters were loading him onto the backboard when I got there. Seemed he lost his grip in weight training and fell backwards about 6', landing on his back on some weight equipment. We all agreed that it was probably overkill but better to be safe than sorry.
And yes, I took photos. I'm a photographer. That's what I do.

Once in the emergency room, he started taking selfies with his phone. That's when I was pretty sure all was going to be okay.
I sat there and watched my 6'2" 185lb, baby laying on the stretcher, with a neck brace, hooked up to beeping machines... again. And it brought me right back to the day he was born, our preemie, all hooked up to machines in the NICU, 16 years ago. Way back then, which seems like it was yesterday, he was 21" long and 8lb 2oz, yet still born too soon, so off he was swept to intensive care. I sat by his incubator those days and had the exact same feelings that I had for him now.
I was struck by how far we've come in those 16 years and yet how things stay the same... he's still my baby. We've had our fair share of battles in the last few years. Ups and downs. Yet I would (and have) fiercely defended him and would do anything for him. Those mama feelings haven't changed, and I can't imagine they ever will. This last year, the Man Child and I have come into a new relationship with each other, a new season. I'm really liking him again. Maybe that makes me a bad mom to say that. My love and devotion for him has never wavered, but there was a time not so long ago that I didn't like him much. I'm not proud of that, but it's true. These days find us in a new place. And that in itself, the seasons of life, is another ordinary miracle.
Long story short, much of it was overkill. The Man Child likely broke his tail bone. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any high school student that would carry and use a doughnut at school, so he keeps telling me it doesn't really hurt. Thankfully, track 'n field season just ended. And now he has no excuse to not buckle down for that chemistry test!


  1. The fun never ends does it! Glad you were able to get some rest though ! Hopefully, you will have a quiet weekend.

  2. I'm glad to see he will be fine. I think I broke my tailbone a long time ago during a fall. There's really not much they can do for that.

    Stopping by from BlogLovin from have a great weekend!

  3. So glad that all ended well, and also that 16 might be a bit better than, say, 14


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