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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Photo Gallery (through the window)

My favorite pic from my 365 project last week... land sakes alive, this child is gorgeous!
I've been trying to post a lot more of my 365 pics to my Instagram feed since a family member asked to see more of them, and the Facebook group I post them all to is private. 365 groups always start out with a lot of enthusiasm as did ours in January, and as happens, life happens and people pitter out as the weeks roll on. So as expected we've lost quite a few participants. I was thinking maybe June 1st would be a good time to add a few more members! Would you like to join our 365 group? We're a pretty flexible group with the objective to take any type of picture every day for a whole year. (although I usually don't get around to posting them till a week later and that's okay too.) It actually took me 3 tries to (hopefully) complete my first 365 project this July!

If you'd like to join our 365 Project, please send me a friend request on Facebook AND a FB message too just saying you'd like to participate so I'll know who you are. I'll take the first 25 people who want to join us!


  1. She is gorgeous indeed!! And she looks so grown up in this pic! WOW. <3

    I'd so wish to engage in such a big project, but I'll fail for sure. Maybe in the future. :(

  2. Hi,
    I love your blog have been following for awhile throughout my adoption journey and always found it very encouraging. After a 4 year journey I finally brought home My 18 month old little girl from Vietnam last month. I was curious as my little girl actually looks a lot like Tess; not traditionally Vietnamese and I had read in an old post you had genetic testing done to see what other ethnicity Tess shared. I know you didn't share it publicly but I would love to know what it was. If you would be willing to share my email address is Thank you!!


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