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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It starts in ONE MONTH!

On June 8th my Manual 'n More class will start! This is THE class that starts the journey. This is the class that will give you the tools to take those pics that you've wanted to!
I know how it goes. You knew there were photos you wanted to take and memories to be preserved that were better than what your point-and-shoot camera could deliver. So you got the right tool to take those photos, a DSLR, your big girl camera. Then you took it out of the box and saw all those numbers and buttons and weren't quite sure what to do next. The green "Auto" setting seems to be giving your okay results and every now and then you stumble on a photo that is like the ones you know you want to take! But getting that photo that you have in your head isn't happening often enough, and you know your camera is capable of producing better photographs if you only had the information to make it happen!

Let me show you how to make it happen!
Let me give your the information you need to take back the control from your camera, understand those buttons and numbers, and create the images that you've always wanted!

I promise I'll use language that's easy to understand.
I promise that there are no dumb questions.
I promise you aren't the only one.

If you're already shooting in Manual mode, but feel like there are some gaps, the 'n More part of the class is going to be perfect for you, because we're also going to cover focusing techniques, metering, and lots of info about light. This class is also a great place to solidify your foundation and build on the skills you already have.

There are still a handful of seat left. Click HERE for the details.
Will you join us?

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