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Friday, April 17, 2015

Vanilla does Chinese (at least we're trying)

One of the things Sunny is always very intentional about when she visits is spending time with each of her brothers and sisters. So last week she and Mimi made dumplings. We had never made dumplings before but I had always wanted to try 'cause everyone loves them and they are currently Tess's favorite food in the whole wide world. Which I think is kinda funny that that my Viet girl chose a Chinese food as her favorite! A lovely blog reader forwarded me a great recipe including YouTube video that told how to fold them up so of course we had to give it a go.

I've been calling the Crazy us Vanilla lately because we made a little video and Sunny calls us a "vanilla" family before the 3 little ones joined our family.  I think she's likely on to something. So now we're vanilla with a side of fish sauce stir fried in a wok. Yum!

First they chopped mixed and stirred the filling up...
 Then they attempted to assemble the dumplings...
 Then they decided it would be good to actually watch the video to see how it was done
 Mimi watched her big sister to see how to put them in the wrapper.
 For only being 5 years old and never doing this before, she was actually pretty good at it! But she's Chinese and all, so I really shouldn't be all that surprised.
We tried 2 different types of wrappers cause I had honestly no idea which ones to get. They say that both were yummy, but the yellower ones were easier to wrap with. I think the lighter one look more traditional though.
I'd like to tell you that the dumplings were delicious but I can't. I didn't get to taste them. I went to pick up the Man Child from school and when I came home they were gone. Not so much as a tiny one was left. But everyone assures me they were crazy delish and made me promise that we will make them again very soon! 

Which I will do because I really would love to try them someday.

The recipe we used for the dumplings is here. It was pretty easy to do too!
The YouTube video that Mimi is watching above is here. It shows a demo on how to fold the filled wrappers. 
Click here for other family favorite recipes.  


  1. Poor mom! No dumplings! I can't believe they didn't save u just one or I can!

    1. I know, right!!!! I think they purposefully did it, cause they knew I'd make more soon!


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