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Friday, April 3, 2015

Together Called 2015 and will we or won't we

And if the Liberty Bell isn't enough, that's Independence Hall in the background! You know, the actual place the Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted. Being a tourist was so fun!

So as I mentioned HERE Papa and I went out of town last weekend. We traveled to Pennsylvania for a conference. We had a chance to be tourists for a couple days too and the time away with just him and me was so so good. The conference was wonderful too but sadly the time went so quickly, and sadly the time on Sunday he had to go straight to Chicago to work, and I had to go back to the desert to make sure the house didn't burn down. My mom and Livy tended the craziness while we were away so of course I knew it didn't really burn down...  kinda. My mom and Livy are getting medals for blessing us in this way. And chocolate.

Together Called is an annual Christian conference put on by The Sparrow Fund for adoptive couples. It's held in Pennsylvania each year. It's a coming together of couples who have walked in these adoptive shoes and get it. When Papa and I were there, we were no longer the crazy people with 7 kids, but rather a drop in big ol' pool of people that have also probably been labeled as crazy by those who don't get it. There were so many amazing people there, from couples just looking into starting a family, to families that sought out to adopt older children. Or kiddos from disrupted adoptions or children with moderate to severe special needs... or both! To open adoptions or domestic adoption or international or from US foster care.  Every where I turned there was someone with an amazing story. Like a God-has-His-hands-all-over-this story! And I was humbled to be in the presence of such ordinary people who are saying in their actions that 147 million orphans is something that just can't be merely sad about but need to act upon to quench the loneliness that exists in their family
of 2
or 4
or 7
or 9
That they want to add one more... and in turn make one less in the world.

If you are an adoptive family (or thinking about becoming one) and you have the opportunity to go next year. GO! They sell out every year so don't wait too long to sign up either. It's such wonderful, uplifting, celebratory, gritty-real, gathering of people that you don't have to explain what it's like to, that will leave you feeling empowered and connected with your husband to do this thing called adoption and parenting.

Before we even left for the conference, I told Papa that we needed to decide before we left if we were even considering adopting again. It's been on my mind. Usually in the morning right after the breakfast dishes are done and I've started the first load of laundry, I think, ya, we might adopt again.  And right before I go to bed, when I've blown my stack about everyone coming together to clean the kitchen after dinner and that same of laundry is still sitting wet in the washing machine I think, no, I do not think I can possible adopt again. The conference did get us thinking, and talking about whether or not we want to add another child to our crazy mix. And it's pretty unanimous that we have no idea what is in store for us in the future. We also agree that for now, our hands are full, quite literally some of the time with pull-ups and casseroles, IEPs and whisk brooms, hair bows, smelly gym socks, driver's permits and spelling lists, dog food and Lucky Charms, and little hands that still reach to hold mine when we cross the street.
So will we adopt again?
Maybe later.
Maybe soon.
Maybe not.
Add captionA farmhouse in PA. Another pic in the series taken out a car window going 50pmh. Cause if Papa were to pull over every time I wanted to take a photo we'd never get anywhere!  I find myself fascinated with farmland and farm houses and am considering buying myself a tractor just 'cause. 


  1. The picture above looks like a barn, not a farmhouse.
    The people in Pa. have beautiful farms, and this looks
    like a well kept barn...could it be Amish?

    1. Well now that you say that thinking duh! Of course it's a barn and not the house. It could be Amish since we were in a lot of Amish country. There is a big red trailer in it though so maybe not.

    2. HI Nancy,
      I think the trailer is a stock trailer that animals are hauled in....none the less, its a great picture at 50 mi. per hour!... :o)


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