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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maybe an explanation is in order

So did you see the post on Instagram?
Needless to say, it prompted a few questions, so I guess I should explain.

On Easter Sunday, we had a good friend of ours, who also happens to be the director of a local adoption agency, approach us about taking in a little one that needed a home. She knew that we've adopted in the past and maybe even knew that we even pursued our foster licencing a while back, and really she just needed a home for this sweet thing. Even though it was Easter Sunday, I put all the feelers out I could trying to help. We know many folks that foster in our area, and unfortunately all of them had no room at the inn. Our state of AZ, like most states, has a desperate shortage of foster homes. Like I said, it was a holiday, and I didn't know what happened to that sweet little one, except that she was in our friend's very capable hands.

But here's the thing. This is not the first time this has happened to us. It's the 3rd time Papa and I have been approached to take in a foster child. And it's the 3rd time we've had to say no, not because we wouldn't help a child in need, but rather we had to say no because our foster license never got completed because we felt the Lord tugging our heart strings half way across the world to China where Mimi was waiting for us. And on Easter Sunday 2 weeks ago, Papa and I looked at each other and said, really? Are we suppose to jump into adoption again? Are we being called to foster? And as many things in life are, there were no clear answers. Except, the Papa and I both agreed that we both absolutely positive that we should at least get our licence and then see what world has in store for us. So we made some calls and set up an appointment, have had to re-take several of the classes that we already took (for a reason that is complete unclear to me) and now underway with the daunting process of obtaining our foster licence... again.  Basically, this will be the 6th home study in 9 years that we've completed. If you've ever completed a home study, you'll have an appreciation for what that means.

So to answer a few of those questions.

I have no idea if we're actually going to adopt again. Or actually if we'll even foster. We're just taking it one step at a time by first getting our state foster license first, reevaluating constantly, and seeing where this path takes us.

Yes, we've talked with all the children about it, and they are all on board. One of them, who has an amazingly tender heart in a 6'2" body, expressed some fear about the process, and his ability to "let go" if and when we need to. Seriously that man child is so mature in many ways.

And speaking about that fear, yes, I absolutely have it too. I'm scared and afraid of the process. I'm an anal-retentive, linear, rule-following, organized, plan-it-in-advance, control-freak type of gal and don't know how it's going to go down, and that scares the big girl pants off of me! We do know that the process takes a humongous leap of faith, and with that, we are willing to walk the path. This is going to be hard. There is no doubt in that. But as I tell our kiddos almost daily hard is not necessarily a reason to say no. Hard is hard but  it's okay, because there can be great reward is the doing the hard things. So here we go.

So have you ever considered fostering? Would you like to follow along and witness the process from the beginning from the eyes of someone who is just a plain 'ol crazy soccer mom who is scared but willing to step out on the limb any way? I hope it will encourage some of you to consider doing something that is scary and with the possibility of great reward.

Go back to the beginning and that little one that needed a home.
Yesterday, we sat down in church, and 3 rows in front of us there was our friend that had asked us if we knew any foster homes that could take in this child right away. And there was that sweet gorgeous child singing so loud and proud in the arms of her new foster mama. It appears that my friend could not find a home for her and took her in herself. And they both were smiling so big that I knew right away that they were right where they were suppose to be all along.

PS - Good golly, I just read this from 2011, and I'm sounding a bit like a broken record!


  1. 3 times I would be asking myself the same question. So excited to see where this journey takes you!

  2. Nancy, it is the hardest job you will ever love. And a leap of faith? Not quite so different from traveling to the other gosh-darn-side-of-the-world on, let's face it, pretty sketchy information when it is all said and done. Meeting people where they are at in the middle of messiness is a beautiful thing. We reunified as many as stayed and can honestly say it was meant to be. As the Lord leads.

  3. We started our adoption journey by becoming a licensed foster home. However, our county does *not* need families. We waited 10 months without a placement. I found our daughter on a photolisting, and she just happened to be in China. So we changed directions and went to get her.

    We've also hosted sibling groups with Safe Families (which keeps kids out of foster care). I would like to host again someday.

    1. Shecki, I had no idea that there was anywhere in this country that didn't have a huge need for foster families. Our county, maybe because it is a big urban city, maybe because we are a border state, probably both, has a HUGE need. Like ginormous. Little ones are in group homes and big ones are in regular shelters for months and months. I can't no do anything anymore.

  4. We adopted through Christian Family Care twice and they were great! I will look forward to hearing about your journey!


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