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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

All she wanted was to feed ducks and chocolate strawberry cupcakes

 We don't do a lot of kid's parties in the Crazy house. We do do it's-your-birthday-and-we want-you to-feel-especially-treasured-on-this-day though. And ya, I just said do-do in a post!

This year for Mimi's birthday, what she wanted was 2 things: to feed ducks and cupcakes with chocolate and strawberries. We threw in eating at her choice of restaurants, (Sweet Tomatoes and she started dinner with ice cream!) and some presents too, and I think she definitely felt special and treasured on her birthday. Because she certainly is!
When asked before her birthday, Mimi couldn't really come up with a single toy or present that she wanted. But her big sister hooked her up with some My Pretty Ponies and her other brothers and sisters got her gifts too. She also got a bike, some puzzles and games.
She's pretty stinkin' easy to make happy. And that's a gift in it's own right!

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  1. She is getting so tall! Must want to make you cry a little that she is loosing the baby look.


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