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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where have the Crazy 9 Highlights been?

I was just thinking that it's been forever since I've done Crazy 8 Highlights post.  Not forever actually but surely a couple of years. So long that it's actually Crazy 9 Highlights!   Ya, that's a long time.  Life happens that way, especially when you blink.   

So without further ado, here we go with the plain ol' living of life here in the crazy house.  

This little man hasn't been feeling well lately.
In my cumulative 96 years of parenting, we've never had a single case of strep throat... ever.  Until this morning that is.  Nobody in this house has ever had it except the above sweet boy who hasn't had a good night's sleep (nor have the parental units for that matter) in several nights.  Low grade fever, no appetite, and a sore throat that just would not go away.  Let's also confirm at the doc's office this morn that he has mild asthma, and his petite frame has lost 3 pounds which isn't a lot until we consider that he only weighs 39 pounds.  Well used to weigh.  Now he weighs 36 lbs.  I think I'd better start drizzling olive oil on his meals again, and feeding him spoonfuls of peanut butter at snack time.

Boo is now taller than me.
I'm not short.

Papa and I are heading to the Together Called conference again this year.  So we are leaving our 75 degree perfection to head to Pennsylvania's winter in just a few weeks.  We're beyond thrilled to meet up with other adoptive parents who are walking in our shoes for a weekend of worship and just being together with people who get it.  But I'm hoping the weather will be kind to us desert rats because I don't really have a "coat."  Or appropriate foot wear.  Oh well.  Speaking of which, I'd like 1 or 2 guest posts when I'm gone.  I'm thinking a family recipe would be great to share.  Anyone want to write a post with a recipe that they'd like to share?  Or I'm game for suggestions.  It needs at least a pic or two.  Cross posting with your own blog is okay, and I'll even link to it if you like!

Wrestling season came to a close, and the manchild is now cruising along in track season.  As a high school sophomore he's found his place in athletics.  Let's just say that school work isn't exactly always at the top of his priority list.  But athletics absolutely are, and some genius decided you gotta do okay in school to participate in sports.  Yeah!  This mama is no longer the bad guy, and Patch works as hard as he needs in order to compete.  I can live with that.  After those 96 years of parenting one thing I've learned (then forgotten and relearned multiple times!) is to pick which battles to fight.  And there are many o' hills that I've been surprised to learn that I'm not willing to die on in order to win the war.  Sometimes parenting is like war.  And sometimes it's like paradise.

Did I mention that Boo is now taller than me?  We measured a few days ago and confirmed it.  He's 12 and I'm 5'7 and 1/2 inches tall so that doesn't seem right.  Seems we only grow them really big or really small in CrazyToWn.

The next Manual 'n More class is coming.  It's going to start in early summer, and I've been getting several inquiries.  Be sure to leave me your email address (in a comment here of via a private email or message) if you want notification when registration opens up.  That class fills up fast.  The details are HERE.

Speaking of photography, on my 365 day challenge I'm currently on day #284.  I'm kinda shocked that I've made it this far!  And surprised that I've learned quite a bot about my skills behind the lens and my photography crutches.  Here was today's post with one of my favorite pics of Mimi.  Black and white images have been calling to me lately.  And you gotta love the desert in the winter when you can go in a sleeveless dress.
Nursing school is kicking the bums of both Sunny and Liv, but they are both doing well in their classes and we are so proud of them.  It's an odd place as a parent to send my big kiddos out to the big ol' world and see them fend for themselves.  See if we've done a good job or not of preparing them for reality.  And simultaneously still be making PB&Js and inspecting proper brushing and flossing techniques while someone is sure to crawl into your bed in the middle of the night and grab your hand as we cross the street.   I find myself living on at least 2 different parenting fronts.  In a way I do think that helps me keep it all in perspective.  It helps me remember what really is important in the grand scheme of things.   On a more self-centered note, I have high hopes that I'll be well taken care of in my senior years with 2 daughters that are nurses.

And lastly Boo has grown taller than mem and that's just wrong.

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