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Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm sorry. Really I am.

I hear many of you using scary words like snow, ice, cold front and freezing.
I'm sorry for this never-ending winter that you speak of.
We desert rats know of no such things.  In early March we use words like barefoot, flip-flops, spring, sunblock, lemonade and perfection.
If I could, I promise you that I'd box up my sunshine and 75 degree weather and send it to you, sweet friends.  I am sure (although inexperienced in such things) that y'all are D. O. N. E. with this winter.  Done with cold feet and your kids that are inside endlessly.
How 'bout if I send you flowers instead?
If you're stuck inside 'cause of the snow, or barefoot running in the grass or somewhere in between, have a happy weekend all and be sure to see the little ordinary miracles that are all around!

(My little miracles have come in the form of the back side of gerbera daisies lately.)


  1. It is snowing again as I read this! Thanks for the flowers.

  2. put it away. honestly. just shut up. (sorry.) (New England sucks.)

  3. Southeast Texas has proven to be BOTH cold and warm all in one week. So today, I will borrow that flower since we are facing RAIN and COOLER WEATHER, however by the weekend I can pass it on to another "cold weather friend", because we will be in the mid 70's!! Woop!!


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