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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." ~Dan Gable

This is the quote on the back of the wrestling team sweatshirts.  And I have to agree that there's a fair amount of truth to it!

I don't post about Patch often.  He's at that age where privacy is supremely important, and I'm all about respecting that.  That awkward stage between boy and man.  In the last year he's grown 3 inches to 6'1"and put on nearly 40 lbs. and has grown so quickly that his back is lined with stretch marks. He is in every way our man-child.

He's now a sophomore in high school, and his second year on the wrestling team in almost over.  This year he even occasionally competed varsity!  So forgive my blatant mama pride as I unashamedly post a season's worth of pics of my man-child.  The blog serves as our family photo album after all.
They weren't all that way, but we did have several wins this year!
I swear that high school boys did NOT have muscles like these when I was a teenager! 

One meet  was outside on the 50 yard line, and the photographer in me drooled at all the natural light!
I'll admit that the Crazy 9 are not the most sport's minded family.  If you really want to play a sport in this house, you certainly can, but you really gotta want to play it, and not just cause it's the right season or convenient.  And Patch really really wants to wrestle, so we do all we can to make it happen, even if that means sneaking in chicken nuggets into the stands so the little ones can eat dinner while the meet is going on.  If you've never considered wrestling for your son (and yes there are some super-amazing and brave young ladies that do it to right with these boys) I recommend it with every thing I can!
I'll be the first to tell you that raising teenagers is harder than I expected, and also that I have no shame and will take all the help I can find.  Wrestling has been that for Papa and me.  Wrestling has molded the man-child in some very good way, ways that we couldn't!  It's a team sport that is individually competed.  We've been blessed with amazing fabulous super coaches that are concerned with training up good men first and good wrestlers second.  Patch is concerned about nutrition, and what he puts into his body but not neurotic about it.  Wrestling is about sportsmanship and shaking hands and supporting and respecting one another, and that includes the other guy on the mat.  And there's usually enough testosterone flying around the gymnasium to power a fleet of tanks.  Just what many 16 year old boys who drive their mamas crazy (not that I said mine did, mind you!  But occasionally sometimes he does!) crave.  
Okay so let's talk about the singlet, cause I know that's what you're wondering about.  It's really not an issue. Really! There so much endurance, pain and determination (and yes I said pain) that it really isn't even a thought.  Look at their faces in the pics.  They are NOT thinking about the singlets. And as a spectator of the sport, neither am I.  I'm thinking You hurt my man-child like that again and I'm gonna march right out there and teach you a thing or two about mama bears!  

Not really. 

Well kinda.

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  1. fun reflection on the outdoor shots! swoon! Can't believe this big boy...


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