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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Were we surpirsed?

Well, yes and no.  We were surprised, but then again we weren't.

We have huge fabulous news!
Sunny and her Airman have run off and gotten hitched!
On a beach in Florida!

There are no wedding pictures.  And once I got over that, (read - got over how this is so not about me) what I realized is that there are two amazing wonderful people that God put together, and they made it official forever.  And of course that's way more important than a wedding and pictures.  Because to them it wasn't really about a wedding!  It was about a marriage and two people who wanted to start their journey together without all the hullabaloo of a wedding.  They just wanted to be together, forever.  They just wanted to be married.  Not a wedding.  So that's just what they did.  And I totally get that!

We are planning on having a celebration bash eventually.  But there is no urgency for that either because they are so amazingly happy about being married and being together already.  We are so excited for them, happy they are together, and don't think she could have found a more wonderful husband anywhere.  Thank you, God!  The Airman is a dreamboat of a man.  He's smart, handsome, responsible and loves her so so so much.  And the way she looks at him and they way she is with him, it very reciprocal.  They are the perfect pair who are already mapping out their future and dreaming big, the way newlyweds are suppose to do!
I took this quite a while ago.  It'll suffice until I can convince them to pose for pics again.


  1. Yea! Congratulations Sunny and her airman! Praying they will continue to grow together through Him. And I get how this is not about you having married children, cause it is so not about me having grandchildren! 😂

  2. Congrats to that wonderful couple, and aside from lack of pics and cute flower girls from the little sister faction, really, small elopements save so much money. I think she's smart. Marriages are not made from weddings. Good for them. And good for you for breathing deep and being able to let it go. That would be so hard to do!

  3. Congratulations to Sunny and The Airmen!! I love their thought process. While a wedding is beautiful and yes WE MOTHERS live for that day, marriage goes well beyond the frills of a big wedding. Wishing the beautiful couple a wonderful and happy marriage!!

  4. Congratulations on gaining a new son! That makes it even now! 4 boys, 4 girls!!

  5. Airman's mom here. Thanks for the wonderful post. Yes as a mother I was looking forward to that special day with the two of them but, I also understand. They are doing what they wanted and for that I respect them. I am truly thrilled that my son will be spending his years with such a wonderful young lady. As my son was an only child, I am looking forward to having a daughter (in - law).

  6. Yes, that is big news! Congratulations!

  7. That is wonderful!! A great start to their relationship.
    My son got engaged on Christmas to the loveliest girl. They are only 19 and have only been dating since June, but have been best friends since birth. It is my hope that they understand that marriage is much more than the ceremony.

  8. Awwwww!!! How romantic?!?! Good for them! I've been wondering recently when we'd hear news of a wedding. <3

  9. I am surprised too! But then again...they are in love! Its a good news!
    And a great start for your family in 2015. Congratulations :D

  10. I just love your posts!! Congratulations on gaining a son-in-law!! Expanding the family is a beautiful thing!! Many blessings to your daughter and her new husband! <3

  11. Well, I ADMIRE her for that. For not being afraid to do things how she wanted to.

    I absolutely hate to be in the center of attention and my wedding day was not the best day of my life. At all. I had to go through it all though, because it was the proper thing to do. And I always did what was proper instead of doing things my way. I wish I could turn back time but I can't. That's why I teach my girls not to be afraid. Ever.

    So please, do tell her I admire her. She is a strong woman. You should be proud and I know you are, in spite of everything. Congratulations, by the way. XOXO


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