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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Can you tell things are busy around here by my lack of posts?  It has.  I cannot stand being this busy and more importantly I cannot stand having a home that is this busy.  It's gonna have to change.  I'm just not sure when or more importantly how that's going to happen.
But one thing that keeps coming back again and again is is the new coloring supplies that Mimi got for Christmas.  I kinda felt bad (ie cheap) when her "big" gift for Christmas was coloring supplies.  Cause let's face it, I didn't spend much.  But she loves to color so couple new coloring books, a black pad of paper and a new set of colored pencils and markers were purchased.  In total about $15. But here's the thing... this is the one gift that keeps getting pulled out time and time again!  The littles keep getting out the supplies at the kitchen table and will color for an hour or so.  Daily! And not just Mimi either but all 4 little ones!
I'm super impressed with the Melissa & Doug Coloring Pads. I'm not all about staying in the lines but these coloring pads have big pics that the kids seem to be drawn too. And you woulda thought the new box of markers (washable mind you!) were gold bars by how much they love them!
And I'm reminded that the greatest joy often comes in simple (and cheap) packages.
Now to slow down my days and figure out how to go slower!

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  1. Love her art! Yes, sometimes it is the simple things that make the best gifts!


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