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Friday, January 2, 2015

Part I in which there wasn't much snow

We've given up trying to capture all of us in a single frame. But if you're in arm's reach when the pic is taken, then you get to be in it!  6 of 9 isn't bad, right? PS- I have NO idea what Patch is wearing but it's evidence that I've completely lost control of my teens. 
One of the whole reasons that we abandon Christmas in the desert and spent our holiday up at Little Cabin in the woods at 7,300' was to embrace winter and play in the snow... stuff that just doesn't happen in the desert.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much snow to be played in.  And we waited and waited and waited for snow for over a week and still there was no snow.  But we didn't let that discourage us.  So we found a big building that cast a big shadow and still has a bit of snow on a hill.  And as long as we stayed in the shadow, we had a fabulous little sled hill even though there wasn't much snow.
Livy, the consummate big sister, loved helping the little ones down the hill.  Judging by the smiles on their faces, I'm not sure who's having more fun.
After a few trips down the hill with her big sister, she was brave enough to go down on her own, and had a huge smile ever time!
You'll notice that as soon as we leave the shadow, there's not only no snow, but green grass!  
Tess, as expected, was a total dare devil.  She was kinda ticked off at me that I wouldn't allow her to sled standing up.
Part II tomorrow in which mom may or may not have dropped the baby


  1. Tess is my Bre rolled into one. If it constitutes a broken limb, scrapped up anything, stitches or blood...Bre is UP FOR IT!! I constantly tell her "No M'am that is NOT the way you ride that!!" Tell me why she wanted to ride her bike with her legs propped on the handlebars??!!! She said "The circus people does it!" Well until you sign a contract with Ringling, Barnum and Bailey, you will ride the bike the way "boring old Mom" insist you do!!! Sheesh!!!

    1. Oh my goodness those girls keep us on our toes! And I sure do love them for it!


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