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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Part II in which I may or may not have dropped the baby

Now let me just start with this...

PLEASE for the love of all things precious, IGNORE the double chin.  I beg you!  I'll be totally honest, one of the reasons that I started taking the pictures is so that I didn't have to be IN the pictures.  So that unfortunate incidents like this double chin below wouldn't be immortalized in photographs.  So please bare with the story and do not get distracted the the aforementioned unpleasantness.
You see it all started well and good.  Yours truly, who remembers to get IN the picture instead of just taking the pictures, also decides to take this spirit one step farther.

Go sledding WITH the children instead of just cheering them on from the sidelines, she says to herself.  What harm could come of that?  (Aside for the double chin exposure.  But you're suppose to be ignoring that, remember?)
See all those smiles?  4 of us on the sled and 3 are smiling cheerfully.  But #4, yours truly, is less than convinced that this will end well.

On a side note, God bless Tess whose enthusiasm never wanes!
It becomes plainly obvious that some people really are NOT photogenic (especially under times of such stress) and belong behind the camera.
 I was instructed by the 12 year old sitting directly behind me to hold up his feet so they wouldn't drag and we'd reach maximum velocity.  Cause maximum velocity is a worthy objective, yes?  I mean what could go wrong?  Is there something else I should have been holding on to? (Like the baby you say?)
 At this point it is worth pointing out how "the baby," (never you mind that she's almost 5 years old.  Let me live in my bubble o' denial where children never age!) seems to be listing to the left.
 And with each advancing frame, she continues to go farther and farther to the left.
And after this moment, I may or may not have dropped the baby.

On her head.

On the snow.

I may or may not have been responsible for such an atrocity.

And the double chin.

***pics taken by Livy the Unstopable


  1. Your kids will remember every detail about this day. What a gift you gave them. So fun!

  2. Ok I laughed through this WHOLE POST!!! I love your sense of humor!! What "double chin?" All I see is a family having fun!! These photos are priceless as well as your facial expressions!!

  3. I ,too, laughed through the whole post. Thank you for sharing
    the wonderful snow fun. Been having the post christmas blues,
    so your post made my day...Happy New Year to all your precious

  4. I think it 's the most adorable, funny snow sledding family picture, good thing that Tess 's in the front, to keep Mimi from falling, Boo's growing up fast, he has such big feet, and that kept everyone in tact as going downhill.

  5. adorable post! kudos to you for being "the fun mom"!

  6. Love it! Good for you for going down with them! .........and the baby would have fallen off whether you were on or not :) It's all part of sledding. I think Tess was kinda hoping you WOULD crash!

    1. Well maybe so Judy. And yea, I'm sure Tess was hoping something truely exciting was going to happen... like a crash!

  7. Oh this made me laugh! So much fun! I love the photos (Livy did GOOD!), and what a fun family memory! All from P's grin in the first sledding pic to the end.

    1. Yes I DO think P was grinning as he pushed us off, just knowing something sinister was going to happen! Teens!

  8. Nancy,
    This post made me laugh out loud! So funny!!


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