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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blue Lily, Power Pose and a weekend of awesomeness!

I spent the weekend with Blue Lily.
If you haven't heard me gush about Blue Lily before, well let me just tell you they, Wendy and Tyler, are freakishly talented photographers.  And the cherry on top is that they're kinda everyone's best friends once you meet them.
The reunion was this weekend in Las Vegas and it was for folks that have taken their workshops in the past.  And oh my my my!  This was the most amazing group of people.  And when I say amazing I mean super, amazing, so hugely impressive photographers that shoot professionally all over the country, (Canada too!) and top it all off with really really NICE and funny like you wouldn't believe and humble and really attractive to boot!
There was a lot of networking that went on.  An ├╝ber amount of knowledge shared.  Sometimes photographers can be a bit, how shall I say this... "stingy" with their knowledge.  But I can honestly say that there wasn't a person in the room that if they knew something they weren't willing to share it with others.  And they did too!  I learned so so much about photography and the industry!  
Ya, that blue wall was insane!  
I had a wonderful time with this amazing group!  Aside from all the shop talk, and ya there was a LOT of that that went on from morning to night, it was a weekend of laughing and building friendships.  

This is my good friend April below.  And my new friend Caty, above.  More friends that understand nonstop talk about photography = better!
The amazingly talented Summer below.  
The locations were amazing!  Below is one of the crazy awesome places outside of Las Vegas that we shot at.  I think I drooled a bit when we arrived.  
Ben and Miranda below.  (see note above about more friends)
Below, Wendy Whitacre of Blue Lily. (Can't believe I don't have a pic of Tyler, her amazingly handsome other half.)  If you've met the Whitacres you know that there are no words that do them justice. It's not that their nice... they're crazy nice.  And it's not that their generous... they're crazy generous!  And it's not that they're talented.  They're crazy ridiculous talented!   And yea that's a balloon tied to Wendy's head.  Because that's how Blue Lily rolls!  
And this last pic has something to do with a "power pose."  I'm not exactly sure what that meant but there was a lot of it going on all weekend, and I'm pretty sure they kidnapped that sweet baby to do it!
And even a pic of yours truly that I LOVE taken by Las Vegas Photographer, Lesli!  Thank you, Lesli!
If you have an opportunity to have my best-ies at Blue Lily take your family pics, I really really recommend it, but they fill up fast so head over there now.  They shoot all over the world, (including in lots of cities in the good ol' USA ) and are moderately priced (read-under priced for how much skillage they offer!) The schedule of cities they'll be at in 2015 is HERE.  I already scheduled my shoot for the fall of 2015 and can't wait to see them again!

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