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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Coming home

It feels good.

This weekend we took the younger kids "home."  And by younger kids I mean Boo, Jude, Tess and Mimi.  Patch was away at a wrestling event and Liv was working.  And by "home" I mean Papa's and my home town.  It's not that far away, about 90 minutes drive up out of the desert.  My parents and brother and his family still live there.  Coming back to this little town always feels like coming home to me.  No matter that we haven't lived there for the last 3 decades. Still.  It makes me feel like I'm in my finally comfortable in my own skin and can fully inhale and exhale.
It feels right.
It feels like home should feel.
And yet a long time a go, this small town girl, the daughter or a fireman and a teacher, ended up living in the city impersonating a city girl.  In the beginning I completely admit that I wanted it that way.  I thought I could learn and mold myself to be a city girl.  I actually thought I wanted to be a city girl.  But you know, after decades of trying, it never felt quite like me.  So coming home always feels like the right place to be.
Anyhow... my hometown likes to celebrate Christmas.  I mean who doesn't?!  But somehow Christmas isn't quite right when you're in the desert and wearing shorts and flip-flops.  So the cool brisk December air is also a welcome part of coming home.  We came up this weekend just to see the annual courthouse lighting.  The whole town makes a big deal of the courthouse lighting.  They close off a street and everyone stands around waiting and waiting... little ones climbing the light posts... and all of a sudden when they get to Luke 2:11-12, the lights are all flipped on and everyone sings Joy to the World.
Ya, it's that kind of town.
PS-That's Tess standing up there looking at the gazebo.  That girl could climb a glass wall!
A bit like Mayberry.
A lot like home.
After all the lights are flipped on, families take their little ones on walks around the square, their faces all lit up by the lights and their cheeks rosy from the cool air.  Grammy, my mom, came with us, and we walked around with our children, just like I used to do when I was their age.
And so it just seems natural to say... we're seriously considering moving.

Moving back home!

Actually we're doing more than considering it.  We're planning on it!
We think.
Most certainly.
Truth be told, I am so tired of raising my children in this affluent bubble that is our city life.  And as much as I'd like our move to happen last Saturday, with Papa's job change this summer, we'll need to wait a while.  Like a couple years.  But as I'm discovering, there's a lot that needs to be done in 2 years (well it's 2 1/2 if we're getting technical) if it's gonna happen.  Like cupboards that need to be gone through, a garage that needs to have 17 years worth of stuff sorted through, and lots fingers and toes crossed that the planets align and everything works just right so that we'd be able to do this move at all.

Another one of the things that greatly affects the timing of the move, is that both of our big boys, Boo currently in 6th grade and Patch in 10th, are doing very well right where we are.  And we are not willing to rock their boats.  Raising young men is a daunting task and for right now, it seems to be going well.  So we plan on waiting until they both graduate from 8th grade and high school before moving.  We pray that that will give them time to get used to the idea.  But still, moving children can be rough and full of the unexpected.  Uprooting the only world they've even known, that scares me a bit.  Nevertheless, we're willing to take the risk.   I'm hoping to call myself a genuine small-town girl again sometime in the future!
pps-this may be one of my favorite images ever.  
After the courthouse lighting, and after cookies and hot chocolate back and Grammy and Grandpapa's house, we all climbed back into the car and headed back down to the desert.  Boo looked out the window.  You know mom, I'd be okay if we moved now.  I like it here!
Me too, Boo.  Me too


  1. It reminds me so much of Denton, Texas. I love that town.

  2. Just found your blog a few weeks ago. Crazy....I used to live there (my parents still do). I totally remember the courthouse lighting or "the square" as we used to call it :)


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