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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another complainy mess of a post. Is it just me?

I've started and stopped and started and stopped this post way too many times.  I'm just gonna push send this time regardless of how much I get done.

Of course we're starting off this stuff here and here.  Is it just me or is anyone else out there feels completely and totally overwhelmed by the Christmas season?  Say it ain't just me!  Please for the love of all the things we know, please say I am not alone?!  In the middle of a blog world full of beautifully decorated trees, handmade crafts and gift tags, trips to the Nutcracker and anticipated family traditions, I'm sorry to say I'm just not feeling the love and the joy of the Christmas season.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want it to be this way!  I want to be that mom that thinks of each gift and finds just the right teacher gift that isn't another coffee mug filled with Hershey kisses.   I want to sing Christmas carols with my children and donate me time to others, mulling cider on the stove and decorating hand-made sugar cookies with the children.  And love the season with a smile on my face and not just soak up all the reasons that make Christmas beautiful but pass on that feeling to my children too.  But there just doesn't seem like there is time to do anything other than keep my head above water.  Every December this happens.  I make it through the birthday blitzkrieg in Sept to start planning Halloween and when I make it through that there is Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays of the year, and bam there's December laughing at me, threatening me with all the things that need to get done just to barely make it through, much less the extras that I never seem to get to and then feel guilty that I've sold myself and my children short for not enjoy the real meaning of the season.  August-December 25 it's non-stop "getting ready for the birthday/holiday/Christmas season(s)

I know that this year is really tough already, and to top it off we've had some health (read dental) issues that have been and still are hugely time consuming.  But again it seems like this falling-short-at-Christmas is how it is happening again this year.  And I really don't think I'm adding any extra pressure on myself or having unrealistic expectations.  I've stripped it down to the bare minimum requirements and feel like I'm doing okay, but again I do feel like I'm meeting the BARE minimums of making it through Christmas.

Aside from a couple strings of lights that I had the big boys put up outside when they were underfoot, here's not a single decoration in the house.  We decided to spend the holiday up at Little Cabin in the Woods and we'll put up a tree complete with tinfoil star, strung popcorn and cranberries and lights once we get up there.  We're really looking forward to it and keeping our fingers crossed for snow. I just hope my Scrooge-attitude changes once we get up there and that the joy of the season fills me.  But I've used going out of town as an excuse to not decorate this year.

Now of course I don't want anyone to feel like you're just barely making it through, but I'm hoping I'm not alone on this one.  I always feel awful that Christmas is far from my favorite holiday and when December 26th rolls around I breathe a huge sigh of relief!
Sad but true but these lights are the only decorations we have around here.***sigh***
Okay pushing "publish" now regardless of the typos and semi-coherent thoughts and have my fingers crossed that soon there will be lovely I-love-Christmas posts filled with snow angles, snowman making, and marshmallow roasting in the very near future!


  1. I think that there is a reason that "Christmas cheer" isn't a Biblical phrase. A month of merry is an unreasonable expectation. It (I) gets a little Bates motel over here and no amount of twinkling lights or simmering potpourri changes that.

    I want sparkly and fun, but hopefully the fact that we managed to sing Christmas carols on the way to school in the rain and/or dr appointments counts as a win and hopefully will be what they remember.

    Two things helping us stay a little saner over here:
    2. The app.

  2. I'll say it, IT AIN'T JUST YOU! I'm going through the motions this year, trying to muster up a little joy while doing it for the sake of the 6 1/2 year old in the house who is blissful this season. Our tree has 1/2 the ornaments, 1/2 the lights and the house has just a couple things. Just not into it. I'll allow myself one year of this. As the Grinch taught me, somehow Christmas will come just the same without regard to how much stuff has preceeded it.


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