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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

365 Project (November) & Wanna join the 365 project in 2015?

I will say that I'm still plugging along with the 365 challenge, but only on day #184 today and boy I've seem to come again my personal wall and am I struggling to take a pic every single day.  I love what I'm learning by doing this challenge, but like the hard things in life, it's hard and take commitment. Nevertheless, I'm doing it and still loving it even though it's not easy.

I hope you can find a little inspiration of your own looking at these images and it give you a push to get out there and take some photos of your own ordinary miracles!
And here's something that I'm really really excited to start!  From the interest that I saw last month I'm going to be starting a 365 project in January for anyone that wants to participate.   A 365 group is just taking and posting a picture a day for a whole year.   I really recommend that you try to take a photo every single day because it will stretch your photography skills in amazing ways!  But if you want to post once per week that works too.
Beginner, hobbyist or professional photographer.
Color or black and white.
Edited or SOOC.
DSLR or iPhone pics.
Landscapes or portraits.
Anything goes as long as you took it, aiming to take then post one picture a day.
I'll be posting a photo per day too then adding my favorites images from this new 365 group to the monthly videos too.  Send me an email a message via Facebook (click here) that you'd like to participate, and we'll be starting January 1, 2015!

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