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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stealthy ninja mobile phone stealers

Surely this happens to all the other mama's out there, right?

Me and technology don't get along.  I have a love hate relationship with it.  Mostly it just hates me and lets me know that at every opportunity.  So carrying around my cell phone all the time isn't something that I like to do or that comes easily.   But if I don't keep a very close eye on my phone, suddenly the little ones get very quiet.  In fact they disappear altogether and I usually have no idea that the phone has even disappeared at that point.  And at first it feels so peaceful.  And calm.  And quiet!  But if it stays quiet too long, then the mama radar goes off indicating that something is definitely wrong.  Something that must be looked into.

And without even looking too hard, that's when I find them, this time tucked away in a hall bathroom, as quiet as 3 little mice.
Yes there's a lock/code on the phone. But sometimes I'll be on my phone and set it down before the lock has a chance to activate and that's when the stealthy,ninja, mobile-phone stealers do there thing.   One of these 3 is especially stealthy.  The head ninja of the bunch! Thankfully, they haven't discovered purchasing new games yet.  I keep a couple games loaded on there just in case. Maybe that's the problem in the first place; they know there are games on there!  But after a certain incident by a certain bigger kiddo who shall remain nameless who charged up a great deal at the ap store, I'm just SO grateful that these littles haven't figured out my pin numbers and how to order anything!

And at least they're sharing.
And that's saying something, right?


  1. Oh my! Mine do the same thing with my password. Except my 4 yo saw my entering my password and knows it now. Oops.
    Just have to share this with you. My son takes Chinese. They were assigned to write an essay on the One Child Policy. He has been on all five adoption trips. It should be a piece of cake, yes? He talked about boys, older children, and and medical needs. He got counted off because of "inaccurate information". The teacher informed us that the One Child Policy has only affected healthy baby girls. ;) I emailed her and his grade was changed. Chinese people are so unaware of this issue! His teacher is younger and moved to the states last year. Also, as adoptive parents, I am sure we romanticize the issue and forget how large China really is. That is not to say the issue has gained enough attention, because it sure doesn't have enough! Our online community of crazy moms seems so large, but it really is so small.

  2. It's amazing to me how fast they learn. Our little figured out to to flip through pictures on one within a few days of being with us.

  3. Yep they learn fast, my 2yr old granddaughter knows how to navigate her mom's smartphone with ease. She knows how to find the netflix app and tap and watch her favorite "Cot-toons"!


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