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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

National Adoption Month - Emma

So I told you about Red Thread Sessions, and through this amazing organization the Lafevre family contacted me. They just moved to the Phoenix area, had also very recently adopted a new son, (and a gorgeous, smile-all-the-time new son at that!) and were looking to get some photos taken of their newly expanded family.  I was more than happy to donate my time to do just that!
All I can say is oh my!!!  This family was not only pretty on the outside, (and totally color coordinated without being all matchy matchy, which is a HUGE skill I tell you!) but they were just so sweet and kindhearted. The kind of people you want to ask over for dinner and swap stories with around a camp fire even though you JUST met them.  I just fell in love with them!
So this is Emma.  That's short for Emmanuel.
I mean that's a pretty amazing name, right?!  And the name was pretty appropriate because  not only is he one of the most beautiful children ever, he is an amazing boy!  His first home is in Uganda.  Laura, his mom, said his adoption is going along better than they had even hoped for. First hand, I know that's a big ol' deal and not to be taken for granted. I asked Emma's new big brother if he likes having a younger brother, and without hesitation he said it's what he has always wanted... a brother.  And look at them!
Perfectly knit together.
My first wish for Emma is that he could stay with his first family in his birth country, and that we do all we can to try and make that happen for all the orphans in the world. But sometimes that can't happen. And when it can't, my second wish for Emma is that he is embraced with everything a  second family has to give him.
A new home.
I love love love the photo above.  It's the whole reason that I volunteer my photography for Red Thread Sessions.  You know, maybe it was just a blink of his eyes, but I don't think so.  I think Emma nestled right in to his new father's arms, closed his eyes, and felt peace.  I feel it in this image. I don't normally give families photos with someone's eyes closed, but I adore this photo so much.

November is national adoption awareness month.
Look into your hearts.
See how you can help.
Adoption isn't something that is for everyone.
But everyone can do something to help.


  1. I agree! That photo is awesome and I would absolutely want a copy! I feel peace when I look at it, too!

  2. Talk about a photo that speaks a 1000 words!!! Priceless!! Love it!! Beautiful family indeed!!!

    1. "speaks a 1000 words..." that's a FABULOUS way to put it Dawn!

  3. Powerful images, indeed.
    On Thursday, I am going to China with my host family as translator. My host parents are adopting a four year old with an absent hand.
    I am eager to see the miracles occur. I am anxious to see my city and parents and home country again yet nervous to have such an important job as translating. Living with a Chinese speaking child will be a great blessing to me. My host parents and I have had many conversations about bonding and attachment. It is good having another Chinese speaker at home to translate, yet it may cause problems.
    P.S. How do you take those good photographs and blur the background? I wish my camera was able to do that. I purchased a Canon t4i, but I must get a more wealthy camera to do that.

    1. Bridget, what a wonderful blessing it will be to have you on their trip to China! I'm so excited for you and for your host family! And I can't wait to take my own children back to their home countries someday! re the photos with the blur in the background, that has a lot to do with the lens of the camera and all the settings that you pick when you take a photo. I do offer photography classes for beginners and have had teenagers take the class before. There is a link in the "photography" tab up above if you are interested.


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