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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crazy me tried her hand at wedding photography

A dear friend and fellow photographer, Kate over at Songs Kate Sang, asked me if I wanted to be a second shooter at a wedding a few weeks ago.  Or rather I begged her to tag along, and she finally got tired of me pestering her so she caved said yes. The thing is I've never actually had a desire to shoot a wedding.
They scare me.  The whole part where you get no do-overs if something goes horribly wrong has me quaking in my boots!  But... I have wondered what it would be like to shrug the responsibilities of contract signing and money collection, leaving that to a primary photographers, and just be a back-up shooter... that idea intrigued me.

So like I said, I pleaded my case with Kate, and she allowed me the honor of tagging along.  And I have to say, I had so much fun! This was my first wedding shoot so I can't wait to practice some more. And both Kate and I came away with a definite feeling that not only do we work quite well together, but this is something we definitely want to do again!

Here's a sampling of the pics I took for this gorgeous couple, Dawn and Allen.  Really she was such a stunning bride and it was a beautiful day and celebration all the way around!
In all, we presented the bride with over 300 frames of her special day.
Some posed.
Some candids.
Some shots of the whole scene.
Some close ups.
All of them hopefully will help them preserve the memory of their special day!

Long story short, as suspected I'm not going to be getting into the wedding photography business.  So you won't find it anywhere on my photography site. But I am willing to be a second shooter!  If you're interested in wedding photos, contact Kate here.  But be sure and tell you that you want the crazy lady with all the kids to tag along and take pics too!


  1. You captured such beautiful moments! I get to do this in about a month with another photographer and I'm so excited (for all the same reasons you were!). :)

    1. Have fun with it. I think being a second is the best of both worlds for a photographer!

  2. You go girl! So brave and you did a great job! No desire to do weddings as you said there are no do overs and the stress would get to me. Your post on birthing photography is what is inspiring me at the moment . That is what I want to do ultimately.


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